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Congress is opposing France in India

31 October 2020Jinnah had founded the League of Muslin before independence due to the policy of Muslim appeasement. The desire to make a Prime Minister was the part of India that Nehru accepted. Soniaji is adopting the same path, to…

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Editorial :- Sena Aur Pulis Jaise Kya Ham Bhee Satark Hain?

According to today’s news, Delhi Police Special Cell has achieved major success in arresting three terrorists of the Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir (Fshqq). Weapons, grenades and explosives have also been recovered from these militants, the three arrested terrorists…

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Editorial :- Rahul-Congress hands with Lashkar?

Today Saifuddin Soz and Ghulam Nabi Azad are in the entire media world. BJP and Shiv Sena leaders and spokesman Poora used to scold these two Congress leaders. He gave the statement while demanding ‘freedom of Kashmir’ and whose support…

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