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What is freedom of expression for Congress?

article – 27-oct-2020The way the Prime Minister’s effigy was burnt in Punjab in the Congress-ruled state of Punjab: On Sunday, October 25, 2020, some people in Punjab burnt this effigy by putting PM Modi’s mask in the effigy of Ravana.…

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Congress-backed Love Jihadi Tanishq advertisement

The uproar has started over an advertisement by Tata group’s famous jewelery brand Tanishq. Due to this advertisement, Tikush Tikash is trending on Twitter. Tanishq is facing allegations of promoting love jihad in the country. After the resentment of people…

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Magical Journalism Till Date, Killing Priest Was Self-Immolation

The shameless journalism has once again been seen in Rajasthan in the murder of priest . Aaj Tak first described the killing of the priest as self-immolation and then made Prime Minister Modi feel free for it. Aaj Takdefended the Congress government of Rajasthan in this murder case,…

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