PM Modi pays homage at the INA War Memorial that was demolished by Nehru’s lover Edwina’s husband Mountbatten

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Just now: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Singapore on his maiden official visit during which the two countries will elevate their relations to strategic partnership by signing an agreement. PM Modi will deliver the Singapore Lecture on “India’s Singapore Story” at 5.30 pm Indian Standard Time.


PM Modi pays homage at the War Memorial was demolished by Nehru’s lover Edwina’s husband Mountbatten Full text of @narendramodi address #ModiInMalaysia Gandhi + now talk on Netaji also abroad? …

A monument to the India National Army has stood in Singapore since 1995. PM Narendra Modi, who is trying to import many good practices from Singapore, lays flowers at this historical monument site when he visits Singapore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may visit the Indian National Army (INA) Memorial in Singapore during his trip in November. PM Modi pays homage at the war memorial, located at the Esplanade Park on Connaught Drive.

The INA memorial was built in 1995 by the National Heritage Board of the Singapore government to observe the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The Indian diaspora in Singapore had contributed to the construction of the monument with financial donations.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had laid the foundation stone for the original memorial. This War Memorial Monument was demolished by Lord Louis Mountbatten after the British took control of the region. Subhas Chandra Bose (“Netaji”) laid the foundation stone on July 8, 1945, a few months before Singapore was recaptured by the British. The monument was then erected within a month by the Japanese. The construction of the monument was proposed by Bose, the co-founder of the INA and Head of State of the Provisional Government of Free India. The INA was backed by the Japanese forces for its goal of gaining India’s independence from Britain.

Later in 1945 after the Japanese retreat from Singapore and the subsequent surrender of the remaining divisions of the Indian National Army to the advancing British, the British commander Lord Louis Mountbatten ordered the memorial to be destroyed. Mountbatten’s intention was to remove all traces of rebellion against British imperial authority. By attempting to completely erase all records of the INA’s existence, he sought to prevent the seeds of the idea of a revolutionary socialist independence force from spreading into the vestiges of British colonies, amidst the spectre of Cold War politics already taking shape at the time, which had haunted the colonial powers before the war.

The new World War II plaque was installed once again at the site of the Indian National Army memorial in 1995.

Netaji Bose constituted a National Planning Committee under the aegis of the Congress in December 1938 and appointed Jawaharlal Nehru as its Chairman. As freedom dawned, in pursuance of the Haripura resolution, an Advisory Planning Board was set up by the Nehru-led interim Government in 1946.

In 1952, the Planning Commission came into being? Did anyone recall the role of Bose.?

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