Mass shooting at US Orleans? Dynasty & Self cult mass suicide in Indian politics?

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NEW ORLEANS (US): A gunfight between two groups erupted on Sunday in a New Orleans park where 500+ people were gathered for filming of a music video, leaving 16 people wounded: “We know, by speaking with some of the victims, that there were two groups of people shooting at each other,” Police spokesperson Gamble said. Gun shooting in US is common.

Dynasty cult mass suicide

Dynasty Cult suicide is that phenomenon by which Congress and other fake seculars, in this context often referred to as “Fake-Secular Forces” which actually should be called “Dynasty Cult”, have led to their members and their blind followers political and religious suicide.

Tweets at twitter

@newsanalysisind Nov 21, 2015
No one comes with experience: Tejashwi, 9th failed follows Rajiv Gandhi pilot to PM and now hoping Rahul Gandhi British Italian? @BJP4India

After Nitish,Lalu now Rahul Gandhi a Rising New Star of Villian Shatru of BJP: @RajivPratapRudy @rsprasad@BJP4India

@newsanalysisind Nov 20, 2015
LALUasSonia can’t be? So both push their family? As party they think India as Indira is their property @narendramodi

Tej, Lalu’s Debutant Son, Repeats Oath After Flub: Both brothers keep alive the precedent of Pilot Rajiv Gandhi?

Corrupts Lalu+Kejri+++united in Nitish’s oath function to fight corruption? @RajivPratapRudy @rsprasad@narendramodi

@newsanalysisind Nov 22, 2015
Kejri’s hug withLalu means hug with corruption his dictates are to convert AAP into KHAP:


Self centred cult mass suicide

Revolt against India’s interest instead of Modi Amit Shah

Pauranik katha? Modi as incarnation of Vishnu, his worshipers in the role of Narad


Bahurpiya cult mass suicide of Congress

@newsanalysisind Nov 22, 2015
Winter session: Ordinance-related bills govt’s key priority vs Sarbat Pb.. Tipu .. Beef Cong to remind AfzalGuru?

Air India receives hijack threat? Don’t worry Now India becomes tolerant even Cong+ may co-operate with Dawood-ISI sponsored sleeper sales?

Lt Colonel injured in Kupwara encounter (J&K) identified as K L Natwar. Search operation underway.Cong deputed Khurshid-Aiyar for peace,wait

Khalistani Cong in Pb @harsimrat_badal TipuCong in K’tka @AnanthKumar_BJP BeefCong in UP: Pappu Cong Tere Roop anek?

@newsanalysisind Nov 21, 2015
Anti-national’ Congress via deputing Khurshi-Aiyar in Pak supporting pro-Khalistan groups in Punjab: @sukhbir_badal

Congress responsible for promoting & killing of Bhindranwalan, Sikh groups slam Badal for radical alliance remark?


Peoples Temple (Jim Jones)

In November 1978, 914 American followers of Jim Jones died in a mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

Some of them said that they kill themselves while casting it as a political act: “We didn’t commit suicide; we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.”

torture hole,” a well. Jones had terrified the children by making them believe that there was a monster living at the bottom of the well, which was in fact Jones’s henchmen who pulled and tugged the children’s legs as they descended into the well.

The mass suicides that were to make Jonestown notorious were rehearsed during so called “white nights.” In an affidavit, Peoples Temple defector Deborah Layton wrote that during one of these white nights, people were told that they would die, and were forced to drink unsweetened Flavor Aid that they were told contained poison. The few who were hesitant to drnk were engaged in a debate and quickly complied. Only after everyone drank the concoction were they informed that there was no poison, and that it was all just a test of loyalty and faith in Jones. This is where the phrase, “drinking the kool-aid” come from.

Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God

On March 17, 2000, between 780 and 1000 members of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God died in a probable mass suicide in Uganda.

The group had splintered from (Sonia Maino’s) Roman Catholicism to emphasize apocalypticism and alleged Marian apparitions. They also deemed the wider world to be corrupt via so many corruption gates of Congress Govt 2G, Coalgate, Railgate, Vvip chopper-gate etc.

Solar Temple

From 1994 to 1997, the Order of the Solar Temple’s members became so paranoid they began a series of mass suicides. some members had personally donated over $1 million to the cult’s leader, Joseph Di Mambro.

Heaven’s Gate

On March 26, 1997, 39 followers believed that they were merely “exiting their human vehicles” so that their souls could go on a journey aboard a spaceship they believed to be following comet Hale-Bopp.

World Church of the Creator

Ben Klassen formed the white supremacist group currently called the Creativity Movement. He wrote a book called The White Man’s Bible which called suicide “an honorable and dignified way to die for any … of a number of reasons, such as having come to the decision that life is no longer worthwhile.” After the death of his wife he practiced what he preached and committed suicide.


A considerably weaker suspicion indicates Scientology caused a number of suicides actively, or through negligence. For example, according to Flo Conway, a researcher at theUniversity of Oregon, Scientologists are taught that if they abandon the “church” they will soon kill themselves or have a serious illness or accident.


Some argue that martyrdom, as found in religions such as Christianity or Islam, is tantamount to suicide. This argument states that by accepting or even inviting their own death the martyr is committing something like assisted suicide.

Most mainstream religions traditionally forbid members to take their own lives.

Martyrdom generally involves losing one’s life, usually passively, at the hands of non-believers because of one’s religious beliefs or practices.



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