Shatru? Mad elephant Mad dog to ruin to bite? responds: Haathi chale Bihar..bhauken hazaar:

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Shatru of BJP to see victoy of his friends Nitish-Lalu-Pappu in the Bihar Shatru begins to behave as mad elephant in the run of battle begins to ruin his own army.
Shatrughan Sinha who called himself loyalist of Bhismpitamah AdvaniJi dare to response on Kailash Vijayvargiya, who compared him with a ‘dog running alongside a car’ a day earlier. He is doing this to remain still in BJP!
Modifying a popular Hindi proverb, ‘Haathi chale bazaar, kutte bhauken hazaar’, which means that an elephant remains unfazed by dogs barking, Sinha tweeted on Tuesday, ‘People want my reaction to Vijayvargiya’s remark. My reaction to small or big flies in any party is Haathi chale Bihar,….bhaunken hazaar’.
Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance
Come on Bolly-Hollywood. Get this Jumbo Romance blockbuster on the big screen. Elephant drew its rani (queen) from Olympic Circus of Raniganj W B to follow Congress Left romance. Elephant couple did romance in the pond as reported in TOI………………
Ayaram gayaram and Joad toad ki Rajniti: Divorce in not new in Western Countries, which is common now in Asian countries also. But now there is a new development in politics of India through ‘joad toad (break and joint)’ in politics of alliances. Congress especially in Haryana in wholesale had started politics of ‘ayaram gayaram’. Former PM of Cogress Narsimha Rao gave shape through dirty money. Present PM Manmohan Sigh was Finance Mininster at that time in his cabinet. Legal bribery
Congress hands with Republican’s elephant: There was also a mole in the PMO of Narsimha Rao who gave Nuke secret to the American Government. Nuke Deal Test: Who was Mole in PMO? Congressee hands adamant to shakehand with the elephant of Republican Bush. For this they even want to take divorce from the Left and invite midterm poll……………………  continued
There may be Dhritrashtra or Duryodhan in BJP’s Hastinapur but their character must be changed. Great personalities were in Pandavas and kauravas both. Ravan may be but his character should be as Rambhakt.
I have read a title in Hindustan Times:”Banaras Sari is weaved by Muslim and Hindu both”. Difficulties here are only that this should be conveyed mainly to the leaders who follow the Britishers policy of ‘Divide and Rule” by creating Sachar Committee and caste-religion based quota. Don’t forget that dialogue of Mahabharat TV serial was written by a renowned Muslim Raza. So called seculars have already insulted both ‘Holy books’ in ECERT and IGNOU books. They do not want to hear a word for Ram janm Bhumi or Krishna janm Bhumi. They can read only Babar Nama and remember his structure. Rahul Gandhi is the first secular who did this in his first day of roadshow. Rahul became top most secular to say in his first roadshow that Babri structure would not be demolished if a member of Gandhi family would be PM instead of Nrsimha Rao. Manmoha was also at that time in Rao’s cabinet. It it not mean that congress including MM other than Gandhis is responsible for the downfall of Babri structure? Is it fight now between Congress Vs Gandhi Dynasty?
There may be Ravan in BJP, but character of Ravan must be changed to be Ram bhakt. So there will be no need for Ram Ravan war in BJP itself. Umas and Vainkayas should learn this. No one should cross the ‘laxaman Rekha’. Proud for any one, may be suicidal.
The sacrifice of Mahant Adityanath to keep himself and his followers in BJP is not an ordinary incident. Some one might be pleased to announce the same, it was good. But he should recognize the reality also. Singhal restrained Adityanath from setting up candidates against BJP. If I am not mistaken then I can say that Mahant Aditya Nath has repect for Ashok Singhal. There is an incident of past. Ashok Singhal bowed his head before Mahant Aditya Nath. Atonce Adityanathjee said that Singhaljee he was swayamsevak of RSS when Ashok Singhal was pracharak in his city. Ashok……………………………..Continued
…………… is behind leaders as Arjun behind Shikhandi and Army of Hindu king’s enmey behind cows! Eco bandits in laptop of Ali; Ganga dying, corrupt flooded; Bharatratna in future to Afzal…
Shikhandi (born Shikhandini) is a character in, the Mahabharata. The son of Drupada, he fought in the Kurukshetra war on the side of the Pandavas.
He had been born in an earlier lifetime as a woman named Amba, who was rejected by Bhishma for marriage. Feeling deeply humiliated and wanting revenge, Amba carried out great prayers and penance with the desire to be the cause of Bhishma’s death. Amba was then reborn as Shikhandini.
In the battle of Kurukshetra, Bhishma recognised him as Amba reborn, and not wanting to fight ‘a woman’, lowered his weapons. Knowing that Bhishma would react thus to Shikhandi, Arjuna hid behind Shikhandi and attacked Bhishma with a devastating volley of arrows. Thus, only with Shikhandi’s help could Arjuna deal a death blow to Bhishma, who had been virtually invincible until then. Shikhandi was finally killed by Ashwattama on the 18th day of battle.
Corrupt politicians bureaucrats as cows give shelter to Hasan Q their clones
In the past enemy’s army hided to keep cows in front of them so the Hindu army could not kill them. This is in public domain that Shard Pawar had some type of connection with Dawood and Telgi. It does not mean others are not in the race. Cricketers have unholy relation with bookies and bookies have relation with the dons and that may be Dawood or other.
Alliance in democray is a shield for criminals
Our P rime Minister Mr.Clean Manmohan cleanly says that to admit criminals in the cabinet is the compulsion of the allinace government in democracy. Who can say that Moninder Pandher had no blessings of politicians and police. He is millionaries and rlation with the top most Punjab Congress leaders. This is the reason he will walk freely soon.
Ganga is dying rivers & rivers of corrupt politician
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