Especial for Ifran Habib: RJD celebrates victory beaten to death to copy IS: Now bloody JungleRaj from Nov 8, 2015

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The young man, who belonged to a Yadav family, was celebrating the victory of the RJD with his friends by bursting fire-crackers, when some youth from the village protested against the celebrations by brutally assaulting them and almost beating them to death.
All the three injured men were rushed to the nearest hospital, however, one of them succumbed to his injuries which sparked an outrage in the village and the houses of the accused were attacked by the deceased youth’s supporters.
Following the Mahagthbandhan’s victory in the Bihar assembly elections yesterday, a Rashtriya Janata Dal supporter, who was celebrating the win, was beaten to death in Navada village near Arrah, Bihar.
Above beaten to deat in Navada, another is Gun balltle to celebrate victory:
So called historians  Ifran Habib compare RSS to IS, so his fellow cartoonist MF Hussain make Nude paintings of Hindu God – Goddesses?
Isis is Muslim version of RSS: JD(U)
Times of India01-Nov-2015

Is MF Hussain ambassador of Gandhis Govt … – Share your News

May 6, 2007 – http://www.newsanalysisindia.comTags: Indian Ambassador Quattrocchi MF Hussain lessoned NudeAre nude paintings on Bharatmata, gods and goddesses of Hindus, not whipping up enmity, hatred and hatred?

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