Did Rahul want to say? PM should step on accelerator, or people will throw Italian born in to Italy or… .?

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi perhaps wanted to say that PM should step on accelerator, or people would throw Italian borns in to Italy, Spain or else? But his tounge slipped and mistakenly he barked to take a dig at Narendra Modi over NDA’s setback in Bihar, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said that the prime minister should “step on the accelerator or people will throw him out of the driver’s seat” even as he hailed the defeat of the “divisive agenda of BJP and RSS” in the assembly polls: TOI
Ottavio Quattrocchi took shelter in the Italian Embassy of Argentina. He got bail after taking the surety by the Ambassador. Sonia Gandhi with her late husband Rajiv Gandhi had took shelter in Indian Embassy at the time of Bangladesh liberation War.

Who are Namak Haraam eating of India but sing for Italy, US and Pakistan?

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray attacked Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Saturday Aug 31, reportedly calling her an “imported leader” who should be “sent back to her native Italy.
Instead of Temple Gold, Govt should mortgage the passports of the VVips who run government ?
Japanee origin Fujimori Peru President looted then flied Japan. Later he reached Chile. On Peru’s request he was arrested. From prison he married his girl friend. Run Fuzi cola plant for re-election. Read full article to click here with our Italian leadership to enjoy.
Congress is slowly and slowly going on in Italian color. Their leader likes Italian dish as we like South Indian Idli and dosa. At the time of previous Football world cup Congress of Bihar in Patna worshipped for the victory of Italy.
Worshiping Italian football
Congress leaders like Italian dish as we like South Indian Idli and dosa. At the time of past Football world cup Congress of Bihar in Patna worshipped for the victory of Italy to keep photo of Sonia Gandhi in the temple with the football. Is this not the insult of Hindu temples?.
Rahul Gandhi celebrated his 39th birth day June 19, in his ‘Nani village of Italy. Sonia Gandhi owns house there in Italy but not in India!
Home Minister Shinde says he has no need to use his brain because he has to follow order of Sonia Gandhi blindly. Union minister of state Dr Charandas Mahant who is also President of Chhattisgarh Congress to follow his senior Shinde said on Monday June 17, 2013 that “If Congress president Sonia Gandhi asks me to pick up a broom and sweep state Congress office in Chhattisgarh, I would do it“. Union Minister follows the character of his name also. Both follows Giani Zail Singh’s famous statement that if Indira Gandhi ordered him to sweep the floor he would
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