Satta Bazaar Predicts clear majority 128 to 150 seats for BJP led NDA & Down fall of Lalu-Mitish

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Bihar poll: Satta Bazaar Predicts clear majority 128 to 150 seats for BJP led NDA & Down fall of Lalu-Mitish
India’s satta bazar is now fully confident for the victory of BJP led NDA in Bihar assembly poll after three faces. As per satta bazar of Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata NDA is going to win 128 to 150 seats. Important is that Mhagathbandhan even would not catch the three figures. It means This Maha gath bandhan of selfish opportunists may get less than 100 seats.
They are predicting that state’s two political parties the RDJ and JDU may not win more than 50 seats and 80 seats respectively in the 243 seat state assembly. It is the best case scenario of both these political parties, bookies. Odds on Nitish Kumar led JDU winning 80 seats are pegged at 6:1 while Lalu Yadav’s RJD winning 50 seats is pegged at 6:1.
Here it should be noted that last time that was Satta bazar which predicted clear majority for NDA of Narendra Modi’s leadership.
Bookies will offer only 85 paise on every rupee bet for BJP winning 85 seats. Lower the odds, higher are the chances of a win.
Further you have to note that Mumbai’s satta bazar is mainly believing on above prediction of the clear majority for BJP led NDA in Bihar poll.
Lalu said to the media that who so ever ( Lalu or BJP or Nitish) be defeated in this election would be finished politically.
“Anti-incumbency is strongly against JDU, while people of Bihar have still not forgotten the poor state of law during RJD’s tenure,” said a bookies. Betting turnover in Bihar elections is expected to cross Rs 10,000 crore.
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