Debate at ABP? Charlie says Rahul is not in US to speak in the conference? Why is Rahul silent if he is there; Cong barks in India?

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Debate at ABP TV News channel? Charlie Rose says Rahul Gandhi is not in US to speak in the conference? Why is Rahul silent if he is there; Cong barks in India?
Liar Rahul brigade tweets: Rahul in US to attend a conf ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ but Charlie himself says Rahul is not in the conference?
5:090AM – 28 Sep 2015
As Netaji kin snooping? Anand Sharma said Cong Will Trail PM Modi on Foreign Trips? Why is Rahul silent if heis in US; Cong barks in India? 5:09 AM – 28 Sep 2015
Debate on ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ at ABP TV News Channel on Sep 28, 2015: Did Congress lies about Rahul Gandhi? The debate is being moderated by Aman Chopra. It has the following panelists 1. Sambit Patra (BJP) 2. Akhilesh Singh (Congress)

Rahul, with his girl friend arrested at Boston and became free due to Brijesh Mishra: If  that happened not now then why does he not face media?

Media reported: “Now wherever the PM goes abroad, our spokesperson will trail him and rebut him there and then,” said Congress leader and former union minister Anand Sharma on April 17, 2015, taking umbrage at PM Modi’s remarks at a reception in Toronto. “We can’t take it any longer,” he said.
PM Modi had said to an audience of almost 10,000 members of the Indian Community, with Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper present, that his government has inherited a “scam India.” He also said, “Those who had to spread filth, have done so and gone, we are cleaning up behind them. India is a large country and it will take time to clean…you can see there is a change in the people.”
“No Prime Minister from Nehru to Manmohan Singh as spoken ill of our country while abroad…He is going as PM and not as a representative of the BJP/RSS, and it doesn’t behove the PM to say things that people laugh at. This is not acceptable,” Mr Sharma said, adding, “It was a strong and vibrant India that Modi inherited.”
The opposition party has also contested Mr Modi’s repeated statement on his three-day Canada trip that he is the first Indian Prime Minister to make a bilateral visit to that country in 42 years.
The BJP has dismissed the Congress’s criticism as “sour grapes.” Party’s spokesperson, Sambit Patra, said, “This is a classical case of ‘angoor khatte hain'”.
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