PM Modi in UN: World Bank chief lauds progress in Swachh Bharat vs First Navratna spreads dirt

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Modi in UN: World Bank chief lauds progress in Swachh Bharat vs First Navratna spread dirt to criticize Modi
@newsanalysisind  Sustainable development, clean energy and climate change.and discussed PM Modi meets World Bank president: …
@newsanalysisind  World Bank chief lauds progress in Swachh Bharat, Clean Ganga: First navratna in Clean India program criticized Modi in his art at Bhaskar?
Speaking in Hindi, PM Modi said in UN on Sep 25, 2015, “I represent that culture that calls the earth Maa.  The Vedas says that the earth is the mother and we are its sons”.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday outlined India’s climate change goals at the UN Sustainable Development Summit, saying he represents a culture that calls the earth “mother” and that India over the next seven years will create 175 GW of renewable energy capacity. India sees world as a family “Vaudhaiv kutumkam”.
Narendra Modi asserted global challenges such as climate change and sustainable development are the collective responsibility of all nations as no nation can be immune to any kind of threat.
‘Committed to a sustainable path to prosperity’
PM Modi Calls For Global Partnership And Security Council Reform At UN: Live Updates
UN chief tells Modi he hopes to see India’s leadership in South Asia
Prime Minister Modi said India has outlined ambitious programmes to fight climate change. Besides creating 175 GW renewable energy capacity, the country would also stress on energy efficiency, tree plantation, coal tax, clean environment, cleaning up of rivers, waste to wealth movement and sustainable development
“We should create a world where every living thing feels secure, gets opportunities and respect. We should leave for our future generations a climate in a better condition. There can be no better objective. But this is also true that nothing is more challenging than this,” Modi said.
“Today, in the 70th year of the existence of the UN, there are expectations from all of us that through our wisdom, experience, generosity and expertise, we will overcome these challenges,” he said.
PM Modi pitched for reform of the UN Security Council, saying it was essential for the world body to inspire confidence and be relevant in the current world realities.
“Seventy years back, when the horrific second World War came to an end, this organization came into being, raising hopes of people around the world. We have gathered here to decide a new direction,” he said, addressing the UN General Assembly session.
Talking about global challenges and problems, Modi said, “We need UN reforms so that it inspires confidence and becomes relevant to the current world realities.”
His pitch for UNSC reforms comes amid India’s strong bid for a permanent seat in the expanded powerful world body.
PM at UN General Assembly
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