Netaji was detained in Siberia, disclosed to media in Delhi by Stalin’s daughter

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Netaji was detained in Siberia, disclosed to media in Delhi by Stalin’s daughter
Netaji’s was detained in a VIP Camp- in Cell No. 45 of Irkutsk Gulag near Baikul Lake and Ural Mountains. Indian Revolutionary Abani Mukherjee was kept in Cell No. 53 in the same camp.
The daughter of Stalin, Swetlana Alliluyeva said in Delhi that Netaji was in Siberia’s yarkutaskjail. She also gave barrack (Cell) No.45 of gulag in Siberia as mentioned above. This statement of her was published that time in the Indian newspapers.
Above fact is also confirmed by Satyanarayan Sinha and others. by Shri Goga (son of Shri Abani Mukherjee) to Dr. Satyanarayan Sinha (former Indian Ambassador to Russia).
We may find this truth from the declassified documents of Mamta Banerjee’s West Bengal Government.
Svetlana Iosifovna Alliluyeva
Svetlana was born on February 28, 1926 as Svetlana Stalina. Like most children of high-ranking Soviet officials, Alliluyeva was raised by a nanny and only occasionally saw her parents.
When she was just 18, Svetlana, married a Jewish fellow student at Moscow University against her father’s wishes. She had a son by him but the marriage was dissolved and her ex-husband sent to his death in a Siberian labor camp where Netaji Bose and Abani Mukherjee were imprisoned.
Relationship with Brajesh Singh
In 1963, while in hospital for the removal of her tonsils, she met Brajesh Singh, an Indian Communist visiting Moscow. The two fell in love. Singh was mild-mannered and highly educated but gravely ill with bronchiectasis and emphysema. The relationship grew deeper and stronger still while the couple were recuperating in Sochi beside the Black Sea.
Singh returned to Moscow in 1965 to work as a translator, but he and Alliluyeva were not allowed to marry. The following year, 1966, he died.
She was allowed to travel to India to take his ashes to his family to pour into the Ganges. She stayed in the family home in Kalakankar on the banks of the Ganges for eight months and became immersed in local customs abandoning atheism. In an interview on April 26, 1967, she referred to Singh as her husband but also stated that they were never allowed to marry officially.
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