The world is ready for the leadership of India in 2021, Modi is now moving towards the resurgence of India.

12 feb 2021
When disaster struck in the form of a global pandemic coronavirus, India converted this ‘disaster into opportunity’ under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the difficult times of Corona, India has not only achieved excellent success in protecting itself from Corona, but has also indicated the whole world to a new India. India has also strengthened its stand on the growing conflict with China during the epidemic. From the vaccination of every citizen of the country to the supply of health material including vaccine to other countries and the security of the country’s borders in Ladakh, the whole world has seen India’s dominance and on this issue, Prime Minister Modi has indicated that India India has now set a new world order.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in the Lok Sabha during the vote of thanks on the President’s address makes it clear that India is now fully prepared for global leadership. The PM said, “The way India handled itself during Corona and helped to sustain the world, it is a turning point in a way. In the Corona period section, India has carried forward the spirit of ‘Survey Bhavantu Sukhin: Survey Santu Niramaya’. India took many decisions as ‘Self-reliant India’. ” The PM has indicated in his statement about Corona that this epidemic has come as a big opportunity for the country.

In his address, the PM has spoken of taking India to a new world order. He has also enumerated policies to make the country the highest country at the global level. Referring to World War II, PM Modi said, “After World War II, there was talk of peace around the world, but after that a new order was seen. Small and large countries began to increase their military power. Even after Corona, a new world order appears. In such a situation, India cannot remain disconnected from the world. We too have to emerge as strong players, but only on the basis of population, we will not be able to claim our strength in the world. India has to be empowered and its path is ‘Self-reliant India’. An echo of ‘Local for Vocal’ is heard in the country.

The Prime Minister has mentioned that many countries of the world have said that they could not save their citizens from the corona despite being rich. He gave all the credit for the success of the country to 130 crore people of the country and said, “Jan Dhan Khata, Aadhaar, all of these came to the poor in the Corona period. Many countries of the world have not been able to help their people despite having pounds and dollars in their coffers due to Corona, lockdown, curfew, but it is Hindustan which helps more than 75 crore Indians in this Corona period. Ration transported for 8 months. ” Giving the status of God to health workers and scientists, the PM said, “We could win from Corona, because doctors, sweepers, ambulance drivers all came in the form of God.”

The Prime Minister in his address to the Lok Sabha has mentioned every achievement of India on the floor of the Parliament during the corona. Whether the production of PPE kits in India or the return of stranded Indians to other countries of the world, the Indian administration and diplomatic approach have performed well. India has topped the corona vaccine to procure arms for the country’s security. India is providing free corona vaccine under ‘Vaccine Friendship’ to its neighbors as well as many countries of the world. Countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Canada; The enemies of India who have always been biased towards China, are providing unconditional condition to all the countries which shows the positive attitude of India.

The PM, through his address, has given a message to the whole world that India has now changed completely and is among the leading line countries leading the world, which will determine the direction and condition of the future world.

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