‘Keep our business relationship separate from the border dispute’, China suffered due to Modi government’s economic hit

India has been witnessing an economic war between China since last year’s Galvan Valley. India took such decisions against China one after the other, which caused great economic loss to China. On the one hand, India has banned hundreds of Chinese apps, while at the same time many policy changes were made to keep Chinese investors away from the Indian market. Kneeling in front of India’s economic aggression, China has now said that both countries should look at the issue of border tension beyond bilateral relations in order to advance mutual relations! Simply put, the Indo-China border dispute has now become a sore throat for the Chinese government, and China wants to restore its economic relations with India as soon as possible.

According to the statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday, “The boundary issue should not be related to India-China bilateral relations.” This is an important lesson learned through the efforts of both countries in the last decades, so that our relationship can be taken forward. ” Let me tell you that before India has made it clear that the border dispute cannot be separated from bilateral relations. In September last year, Jaishankar said in a statement that “the situation on the border cannot be seen in isolation from the bilateral relations of the two countries”. Treating China at the border will also affect the economic and cultural relations of the two countries. ”

It was clear from Jaishankar’s statement that, there is no doubt about Chinese policy in India’s mind, and the effect of behaving like China on the border will be seen in New Delhi. Only when China has attempted to show aggression against India at the border, then there have been major economic steps against China from New Delhi. Till now, India had openly hesitated to take any action against China. The border dispute between India and China has been going on for decades, which has not been resolved till now. China used this to infiltrate Indian territories every year. In the year 2017, the dispute between India and China increased when the Chinese army started the road construction work in Doklam. However, despite all this, “Informal Summit” was organized between Wuhan, Prime Minister of India, and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Wuhan in 2018 and Chennai in 2019.

Before 2014, the same was the situation during the UPA government. The UPA government never took its border with China seriously. In the year 2013, China had annexed 640 sq km of land in India. The then Defense Minister Antony did not even think of taking any action against China except to make a statement in Parliament. The government could not do anything at that time. Some also consider the strong relationship between Congress and CCP as the reason that India could not take any action against China at that time.

However, the story has changed now. On June 15, New Delhi took a major economic step after the bloody conflict between India and China in Galvan. India then decided to ban 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok. Similarly, on the night of 29-30 August, when China tried to show aggression against India in Pangong, not only did India take pre-emptive action on the border, but also announced a ban on more 118 apps of China including PubG gave. Apart from this, a cleanliness drive is going on with China from important sectors like energy sector, infrastructure, investment and railways. It is clear from these actions of the Government of India that now India is standing behind its soldiers posted on the border, and China dares to take any action against them in Ladakh, then this battle will not be confined to the border, but new It will be fought directly between Delhi and Beijing. That is why China is eagerly requesting the Indian government to adopt a policy of improving its relations with China, keeping the issue of border dispute out!

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