‘Those who spread violence have become illiterate farmers today’,


On the day of Republic Day in Delhi, the capital of the country, the chaos that the farmers have made by visiting the Red Fort has caused a big blow to those who have paid their respect to the democracy of the country. At the same time, a checkered face of those who support the farmers on this issue and who call their misdeeds their ignorance, has also come to the fore. Some intellectuals have started defending them by describing the incident of spreading chaos in the name of tractor rally and hoisting the religious flag at the Red Fort due to opposition to the agricultural laws, while putting such a religious flag in a constitutional place is complete Is going to create a situation like civil war. In such a situation, to avoid any action by the government, the leaders of the Left and the farmers have started giving various explanations.

When the tractor rally was proposed in Delhi, it was feared that chaos would spread in Delhi in the name of Kisan agitation on 26th January i.e. on the National festival, and something similar happened. These so-called farmers first broke all the proposed rules for the tractor rally and then waved the religious flag of Nishan Saheb at the Red Fort, the heritage of the country, which was a very objectionable incident. It was also spread about this that it was the flag of Khalistan on which there is a separate dispute. During this period, policemen deployed in security were also attacked by the agitators.

The farmers responsible for this indecent incident at the Red Fort were the leaders of the United Farmers’ Front who organized the Kisan Andolan and Tractor Rally, as much as the farmers who were spreading chaos there, but when they were asked questions on this issue He started protecting farmers only.

Indian Farmers Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said, “Those illiterate and poor farmers did not know the way and they wandered off the road to reach Red Fort, but the special thing is that they all came back expressing their opposition there.” He blamed the Central Government and the Delhi Police for the entire incident. The intention behind doing this is undoubtedly the intention to save these fake farmers from legal action.

Rajdeep Sardesai, who did vulture journalism about the Khalistani flag at the Red Fort, said that the farmers did not insult the tricolor and there was a flag of Nishan Saheb in the premises, which is religious. This explanation includes no ordinary people, but also journalists of left-wing news portals like NDTV and The Quint who are making absurd statements in defense of farmers.

It is clear that these people have now come out in defense of the misdeeds of the farmers. These people symbolically say that when it was a religious flag, this issue should not be overstated, it is really shameful. The extent was reached when journalists like Ravish Kumar were caught trying to hide the attack on policemen by alleged farmers.

The shameful actions of the so-called farmers at the Red Fort and the various sweepies being received by the leftists about it, do arise. Where is the Prime Minister of the country unfurling the national flag on Independence Day, how far is it appropriate to place a religious flag? Is it appropriate to insult the national flag of the country for its demand? It was certainly a shameful incident. People who are talking about ignoring this incident as ignorant of the farmers are actually defending those who carried out the violent incident. At the same time, by giving the flag as religious, they are giving an open exemption to the farmers on this issue, it is clear that this is an exercise to give rise to a communal violence that can strike the country in the event of civil war.

The government should go deep into the matter and take strict action. Along with this, action should also be taken against those who foment this violent movement.

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