Mamta has a fake degree, fake degree from American University, in ‘Mughal harem’


If you think that what happened with Nidhi Razdan is the biggest bag of the past several years, then just wait. Our mother Mamata Banerjee had done a bigger bag than this decades ago, and nobody could even find out. These days a controversy regarding the degree of Mamata Banerjee is again going viral, which shows how fraudulent and how insidious our so-called liberals really can be.

Pictures of The Telegraph related to fake degree of Mamta Banerjee are going viral on social media. But what fake degree did Mamata Banerjee do, which is being discussed again today? Actually this was around 1984, when Mamta Banerjee was the young Congress MP of the Congress party, and she claimed that she had done her PhD from East Georgia University in America.
Mamta, who has been studying at the University of Kalka in Islamic history, said that she did her PhD in 1982 on the subject called Mughal Haram and its impact on state and policy. He took this degree under the leadership of Dr. Karunapada Daa:
Shocked or? But this is nothing.

This hollow claim of Mamta was widely publicized by the students of the then Jadavpur University, and also addressed her several times in the name of Dr. Mamta Banerjee. But the truth turned out to be something else. The university from which Mamta Banerjee claimed to have a degree was not really a university. According to a 1985 report by The Telegraph, John Legge was detained in 1983 on charges of rigging East Georgia University.

Despite this, Mamta Banerjee kept claiming till 1991 that she had done PhD from this university, now this Mamata Banerjee had used to be accused of PM Narendra Modi’s degree for many years, while it was clear that PM Narendra Modi had given her He completed his studies from Distance Learning in 1978, and then did his Masters from Gujarat University, for which the then BJP President Amit Shah also proved concrete evidence. But now when Mamta Banerjee’s fake degree is revealed, it is as if the snake has sniffed the entire party.

For the past several days, Mamata Banerjee has been doing one after the other, which is causing tremendous damage to her party. Whether it is a refusal to speak on the anniversary of Netaji’s birthday when Jai Shri Ram’s slogan is raised, or whether the BJP has to recite the reverse again and again, Mamata Didi has left no stone unturned to beat her own but Mamata Banerjee’s fake degree The matter of making headlines will be a very shock for them before the assembly elections, which the BJP will not want to let go of its hand at all.

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