Amit Shah created panic in anti-vaccine camp of media, NGO and opposition


Home Minister Amit Shah does not seem to be in the mood to turn any enemy at this time. On a recent visit to Guwahati, not only did he salute Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on the 125th anniversary of his birth, but also challenged those who opposed the virus of the Wuhan virus to prove their hollow claims Gave it

Amit Shah arrived in Guwahati for the inauguration of the Ayushman Rashtrakasan card for the Armed Security Force. Through this card, Armed Security Force personnel, whether they are from Krakskasn, or Ksasn or not, will all have the facility to provide easy treatment to themselves and family members anywhere in the country.

During the submission, Amit Shah referred to India’s campaign against the Wuhan virus and said, “We were able to fight well against the Corona epidemic, as the government and 130 crore Indians led by Narendra Modi ji fought it together. Every The Indian is proud that among the countries in the world which have the highest corona recovery rate, and the lowest mortality rate, India’s name is “But Amit Shah did not stop there only. According to him, “I want to say to those who are doing politics on Corona vaccine, who are spreading various rumors, there are many platforms to do politics, come and go, they will do anything. It is not a matter of

But what are the things related to the health of the people, doing politics on the vaccines that our scientists have worked hard on? You are insulting the ability of our scientists. “Here he was clearly focused on the opposition leaders who were spreading various rumors about the virus of Wuhan virus. Whether it is Congress MP Manish Tiwari, According to which PM Modi is not taking Vasine, because there is some baggage in it, or it is Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, according to which it is the BJP’s vicin, which will lead to mass or control and people can become impotent.

The situation had become such that Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan himself had to constantly clarify through several press conferences and tweets. But Amit Shah is not in the mood to relax these avarists any more. He has proved these anarchists by challenging the discussion that he is not going to back down from his stand, and his government will not only serve the public, but will also teach a tough lesson to those who spread rumors in the name of protest.

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