The BBC corrected the mistake and then apologized


Recently the BBC once again came under controversy when it misrepresented the map of India in its program to discuss Biden as the new new US President. But surprisingly, he also apologized on the subject, and removed the objectionable content.

Are you shocked? But this has happened. More recently, the BBC aired a program through its popular BBC World Service to discuss the subject of newly elected US President Joe Biden. But the program became controversial when it misrepresented the map of India, in which Jammu and Kashmir was not shown as part of India.

Now for the BBC which has spread only and only misleading news on the subject of Jammu and Kashmir for two years, it is not surprising for him. In fact, the BBC wants to show that Jammu and Kashmir was never a part of India. Anyway, since Article 370 was repealed, the BBC has only broadcast misleading and anti-India news in the context of Kashmir.

But this time the British did not live. People strongly opposed the move on social media, and even members of the Labor Party opposed the move. The foremost among these was Virendra Sharma, MP from Ealing Southall in West London, who wrote a letter to the BBC, saying, “This map shows an incomplete India.” Jammu Kashmir is not shown here, which is an integral part of India. The way he is depicted is nothing short of an insult to crores of Indians and Indians living in the UK ”.

Virendra Sharma further wrote in his letter, “BBC World Service is a great resource, which reflects the soft power of the UK.” But on this record, this incident can become a soot, because it is being seen as anti-India. As a member of the International Development Select Committee, I oppose this, and advocate the removal of this wrong map ”.

As a result, the BBC not only had to remove the disputed map, but it also surprisingly posted an apology on the subject. According to a BBC spokesperson, “We accidentally uploaded a map of India which had many flaws in the broadcast from London. This is not the official map of BBC News, and the channel posted an incomplete map of India. We fixed it, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience ”.

The BBC, which did not apologize for misleading news related to Kashmir and many things related to the Wuhan virus, if the BBC had to apologize for broadcasting a wrong map of India, it gives a clear message that now India’s demands Cannot be ignored globally. It is also a strong message for those media outlets who frequently post posts that insult India in the name of freedom of expression, and misrepresent the map of India.

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