China on the verge of economic collapse, manipulating its GDP figures for investment


According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the GDP growth rate of China’s economy was 2.3% in the year 2020. This is by far the worst performance since 1970 in terms of annual growth rate, which is certainly due to the corona. But in spite of this, China is the only economy in the world which has moved ahead of positive growth even after this epidemic which is surprising. But the figures presented by China or China are reliable. Many experts believe that since corona was a disease originated in China, China first understood and controlled the disease.

At the same time, for control, the Chinese Communist Party also resorted to such extreme government repression that is beyond the imagination of democratic countries. Therefore, China was able to successfully control Corona and that is why its economy too soon recovered from this setback. But all these claims are not without doubt. The biggest doubt is the behavior of the Chinese communist party, who keep spreading the propagation of the effect to show themselves the best administration. The lie was spread by Corinth about corona control and death, and now his claim about the economy is also questionable.

The prestigious Economist magazine, The Economist, in a report in October, through one of its reports, described the CCP’s claims as skeptical. China has shown the growth rate of its economy earlier. Through a research paper by the Brooking Institute, China showed that the growth rate of its economy between 2008 and 2016 was 2 times per year. Therefore, the actual size of China’s economy in 2016 was less than 1 / 7th of the figures seen on paper. The Chinese Communist Party attracts investors to its country by showing the rapid growth rate of its economy. As a matter of fact, China’s economy is facing a serious crisis.

China had closed its domestic market for foreign companies for years. Foreign investors were only allowed to set up manufacturing units in China, not exempt from trade. But when investors started leaving China after Corona, then the Chinese government gave more freedom to foreign investors investing in China and opened the way for them to invest in China. At this time, Chinese government companies investing globally have become untouchable. Deb trap policy has resulted in their entry into markets across the world. China’s tech setter is on the verge of ruin due to Trump’s action.

The fact is that the closure of manufacturing units in China has created a crisis of people’s jobs. This is why the consumption level is decreasing, and the domestic market is grappling with the same problem. The American trade war has also had a serious impact on China’s economy. In such a situation, China is trying to create an illusion of growth of its economy and attract investors.

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