After the Ministry of Information Broadcasting has summoned Amazon, the anti-Hindu web series will be stopped.


There is a popular statement in Sanskrit, very universally forbidden, that is, everything is forbidden everywhere. But perhaps this fact was never understood by the anti-Hindu gang of Bollywood, and today the situation that the highly provocative and anti-Hindu ‘Tandava’ is getting criticism from every region, whereas on the other hand, Amazon has got this inflammatory and Hindu culture The Central Government has been summoned for the broadcast of the offending series. Recently, notice has been sent to the Amazon Prime Service by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the telecast of ‘Tandava’ series, on which the response has been sought till Monday – that is, or even shown in Tandava, behind which even the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Forced to send notice?

Jansnadh founder Atul Mishra has given this description very clearly in his tweets, and according to his tweet, “Shivji is angry because Sri Ram is more popular than him, and he expresses it through vulgar abuses. Protests are crushing. On getting orders from above, the police are clearly killing Muslims. The cycle is a very cruel act. Raising freedom slogans is a proof of patriotism. ” – Not only this, in this series, the saying has been attacked on casteism, but there are ways to deal with it, which will be a very disgusting form of casteism.

But there is no special need to be enraged by this, as this kind of confusing and inflammatory content is showing the flattery of the Left. The work that was being done through Bollywood films very subtly for years, if it is being uncovered today, it means that now the public is awake and not getting into the trappings of these propagandists is.

As a result, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has had to send notice to Amazon Prime. But this change has not come just like this, but behind it was a well planned, and huge mass campaign, which was very angry when it was provoked by such provocative and indiscriminate Sanatan and anti-India content. Many right-wing figures and BJP leaders and MPs from Jangasandh targeted the silence of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on the subject.

How serious this situation is, you can guess from this that even Mayawati herself had to suggest to remove the inflammatory scene of this series from her Twitter account – besides MPs Manoj Kotak and Ram Kadam, taking over from Mumbai While demanding action against the makers and writers of Tandava, BJP member and advocate Gaurav Goyal also lodged an FIR with the police.

Under such pressure, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had to wake up from its ‘Kubhkarni sleep’, and sent notice to Amazon. Not only this, it has been reported from Uttar Pradesh that the police have lodged an FIR against the creator, writer, and other members of this inflammatory web series in several non-bailable sections, and soon a special police team will arrest them. Can be sent for pick up. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that the pot of sins of Hindu opponents is now filling up, and now they will not be able to ignore the voice of the people for a long time.

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