Quad will now have an eye on everything in China, the location of the Chinese ship will be with Quad even before China


Now the exact location of China’s submarine, drones and vessels in the sea will be known to the government of India, America, Japan and Australia more than the Chinese side! This may sound a bit strange, but actually it is true. All this is possible thanks to the Quad’s Fish hook network, under which all these friendly countries, from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea, have laid such a network of underwater microphones, hydrophones and sensors that the Chinese have either Will not be able to enter the sea without the knowledge of Quad! Fish Hook is a network or, let’s first understand it in a little more detail.

Just as a wall is erected on the ground border, the US and Japan have built an underwater wall around the South China Sea with the intention of encircling China. The only difference is that this wall is made up of microphones and a variety of such devices, based on a slight change in the Earth’s magnetic field, it can be found that the exact location of any ship, drone and vessel is still present. Or is Now with the intention of encircling China, India has also built a similar modern submarine wall from its Andaman and Nicobar islands to the Sumatra islands of Indonesia and has connected this wall to the US-Japan giant Fish hook Network. Fish Hook is like a thorn used to catch fish, but in the context of geopolitics and global security, today the name has been given to the network that monitors the ships of the ship.

Its purpose is to increase the survey of the Quahvadras in the South China Sea to such an extent that more than the Kutvdras countries are aware of Chinese ships! Now that India has connected its Andaman and Nicobar islands with this network, India will now be able to keep a tab on the most important trading route of China! China imports most of its oil through the Malacca Strait and passes about 25 percent of the world’s total trade. In addition, it is also called the entry point of the Indian Ocean. The Chinese PLA bearing the intention of infiltrating the Indian Ocean via Andaman and Nicobar islands. In such a situation, now fish hook network will ensure that the Chinese PLA operates within its limits.

China opposes the implementation of international regulations in the South China Sea and claims much of its territory as its 9 dash line claim. In such a situation, the main target of the Quad is now the South China Sea, so that from here, China’s influence can be destroyed and China’s offensive plans are smashed! From Ladakh in the Himalayas to the Senkaku Islands of Japan, they have been continuously pursuing aggressive positions against China, now the Quad has made full preparations to surround China and trap China in this fish hook trap.

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