Leftists engaged in making 5G trial even if it does not start


Some people spend their lives spreading rumors like ‘crow ear le gaya’. Some such people, our alleged environmental activists, who do things to protect the environment, but their real purpose is something else. The amount of intoxication associated with any unfamiliar event from the damage to the environment that is on the head of these people, the less you will say about it.

One such group has now emerged, which has tried to link the birds being killed by Bird Loo with Jio’s 5G trial. Yes, you read well. Reliance Jio’s proposed 5G technology trial has been linked to the birds being killed recently. These 5 star environmental activists, who have no work to do except to ban each project from the scales of perceived environmental damage, are once again attempting to target a company’s mobile technology trials.

If you do not believe, then understand these tweets carefully. Some people believe that bird loo is just an excuse, in reality these birds are killing with 5G trials of Reliance Jio. A Twitter user Mohammed Shakir Khan even tweeted, “Birds are dying out of Jio’s 5G testing, and people are saying that birdie is going on.” But is this true? Not at all Far from conducting the trial, Reliance Jio’s 5G trials have not yet received official approval from the government. Mukesh Ambani himself said in a tweet last year that Reliance Jio’s 5G trials would start in mid-2021 after getting all the approvals meaning cotton or cotton and weavers. The trial has not yet been approved, and already Jio is being put in the dock for killing birds.

Apart from this, their agenda is also not original. In 2018, rumors were spread like this before the 5G technology trial in the Netherlands. The website, called Snopes, then debunked these rumors in a detailed analysis, but don’t forget to take these seasonal environmentalists lightly. Due to these people, the copper industry of India has suffered tremendously, and due to these, today India has transformed from an exporter of copper to an importer of copper. In such a situation, the Central Government needs to take strong action against these seasonal environmentalists.

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