Turkey, Pak and Taliban’s bad days begin


The United Nations Security Council, the heart has brought extremely bad news for countries like Pakistan, Taliban and Turkey, and that bad news is that now the neck of these three countries is going to be in the hands of India soon. In fact, India is going to preside over the three major anti-terror committees of UNSC next year, where India can sit in a decisive battle against the network of terror created by Pakistan and Turkey. They are three major committees – Taliban Sensation Committee, Counter Terrorism? Committee and Libya Sensation Committee!
Before proceeding further, let us know that the work or work of these committees. Actually, the Taliban Sensation Committee was implemented in the year 1999 and its main objective is to tighten the Taliban militants of Afghanistan and ban them by banning their funding! In such a situation, India can fast forward its Afghan policy while chairing this committee. From the beginning, India has been in favor of keeping the Taliban’s influence in Afghanistan to a minimum. India has also strongly opposed the Taliban violence during the recent Afghan peace talks. In such a situation, next year, India can use its forces through its heart to wage a big fight against the Taliban militants.
Similarly, India is also going to be the chairman of the Counter Terrorism Committee next year. It was created after the 9/11 attacks in the US in 2001 and aims to take the strongest action against terrorism and their supporters spread around the world. It is obvious that this is not good news for Pakistan in any way! India, a victim of Pakistan sponsored terrorism, would not like to leave this golden opportunity under its control. During his presidency of this committee, India will not only be able to crack down on Pakistani terrorists but will also be able to put unprecedented international pressure on the Pakistani government.

Similarly, through the Libyan Sentencing Committee, India can crack down on Turkey, which is trying to establish the resources of the country by supporting the Government of National Accord in this country. In Libya, Turkey has waged a war against the Libyan National Army of General Khalifa Haatar supported by the UAE, France and Russia by sending its Syrian fighters and militants. Apart from this, by funding this terror network, it is also increasing the difficulties for neighboring countries like Egypt. With this, Turkey is also trying to strengthen its network of terror in India’s Kashmir. It is clear that India can take a number of steps to establish Turkey’s sensible destination through the Libyan Sentinel Committee.
The Modi government in India has been taking a strong stand against terrorism since the beginning and at such a time, India can take full advantage of its presidency to further strengthen the fight against terror. India would also like to give a message to the world by waging an unprecedented fight against terror that by becoming a permanent member of the heart, India can actually bring change in the world! In the year 2022, the world will see the form of India against terror, which the world has not seen till date! And that’s why this news is going to be very unfortunate for terrorist supporters like Turkey, Pakistan and Taliban.

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