After all, some people with colonial mentality do not digest India’s success


There has always been an inferiority complex towards India and it is also borne by Indians, a recent example of which is the issue of the indigenous Vasine of Coronavirus. There is no debate about the Vasine CoveShield of Osford, but some political parties have fallen behind with the indigenous coronavirus-produced “Co-Vasine” of Bharat Biotech, which has now led the company’s CEO Krishna Ella to question The people have been criticized that the hard work and ability of Indians is poorly understood.

He has described Vaisin as completely effective. Recently, Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav linked the co-incumbent to the BJP and termed it as ‘BJP’s Vicinee’. At the same time, leaders up to the level of Shashi Tharoor, including the spokespersons of the Congress, have termed the third phase of the Ko-Vasin trial as suspicious, causing confusion. He said, “Your statement that it will not have side effects is pleasing, but you are saying that it is likely to work.”

This is not as effective as the second Vasine. It does not give any assurance. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor further wrote that the possibility can be decided only if the phase of the clinical trial is also three “Despite the government being recognized, the questions arising on this vicin. Krishna Ella, CEO of Bharat Biotech, a producer company from Vicine, is very hurt. He reacted to the issue saying, “People are talking about Indian companies in many ways.” I do not know how everyone in the world targets Indian companies.

No one questions Britain’s trials. Because it is easy to question Indian trials. “
Ella became very angry at those who doubted the company’s ability to influence India and later apologized for it. He asked questions of reliability and data, “Many people are saying that we have not shown transparency in the data, but they should be patient. They should read more than 70 articles published in many journals around the world that we publish. “We are proud that we only have the facility of production of X-3 in the world. It is not even with the US. We are ready to help in the state of health emergency in any part of the world.” Ella proved Bharat Biotech to be an international company, saying, “Kovacine is no less than Pfizer’s Vasine in any case.
Bharat Biotech is the only firm to have published five articles on the Kovid vaccine process. In addition to India, clinical trials of covaciens have been conducted in more than 12 countries.

Trials are still going on in Pakistan, Nepal. “It is important that the Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan had already said that these questions are baseless,” Kovacian is allowed only after all the necessary investigations and in the meantime All the standards have been met which are valid in the world. “At the same time, Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIs, has also misquoted the rhetoric on this. He said,” In case of emergency when there is a sudden increase in cases and If we need to be vaccinated, then Bharat Biotech vaccine will be used. It can also be used as a backup. “He has clearly stated in his talks that in the case of Vasin, there should be no question of baseless questions, but based on its usage and data analysis, it has also been approved for emergency use. .

Director VG Somani said, “If there was even a little doubt about safety, we would not approve of any such thing. These vaccines are 100% safe. Some side effects like mild fever, pain and allergies are common to every vaccine. The claim that people may be impotent with Vasine is utter nonsense. ” It is a matter of ignominy of any scientist or doctor to raise a stupid question about Vasin.

The same has happened to Ella. This question is absolutely right that the Indian Vicinee is being viewed with such suspicion. The reason for this is that India’s narrowly minded leaders always want to remain buried globally. That is when an Australian-educated leader (Akhilesh Yadav) dares to connect Vasin to the ruling party (BJP) and his MLA (Ashutosh Sinha) tells him that he is impotent. Although his uncle (Shivpal Singh) and educated daughter-in-law (Aparna Yadav) misunderstand his words, the daters, including the scientist from India and here, are no less than any rich country.

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