Violent acts against Hindu temples in Pak no more!


Minority in Pakistan is nothing short of a sin. A recent example of this was seen when an ancient Hindu temple was demolished by radical Muslims at the instigation of a cleric in Khyber Patunwa province.

Normally, there was no action even on such incidents, it is a matter of getting justice. But in an unexpected decision, the Pakistani Supreme Court has decided that the demolished Hindu temple has been directed to be rebuilt with immediate effect. Pakistan Supreme Court Chief Judge Gulzar Ahmed said in a directive that Pakistan’s Evacuee Property Trust Board (EPTB) should rebuild the temple, as its demolition has caused the entire Pakistan to be internationally insulted.

Insulted but the Pakistani Supreme Court did not stop there.
He further stated in the directive, “The EPTB is directed to give all kinds of temples, gurudwaras and associated with them by the Hindus and Sikhs during the partition of the court. If anyone has encroached in these places, then also with immediate effect Removal and action should be taken against the said officers for allowing encroachments. “

It is said that on the instructions of one Maulvi Mohammad Mad Sharif, more than one and a half thousand fundamentalist Muslims attacked and demolished an ancient temple located in Khyber Patunwa. The attack received full support from Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. That is why, taking this case into consideration, the Pakistani Supreme Court said that the entire cost of the cost of demolition and reconstruction should be recovered from this cleric and his disciples.

But how did this rejuvenation happen in Pakistan? In fact, these days India’s international stature is increasing day by day, and Pakistan does not want to do anything that will make it completely bankrupt. He is already a victim of global institutions for promoting terror, and because of his radical policies, the Arab country is not ready to give him a sense.

Apart from this, the Sindh High Court has recently directed the release of 4 of his jailed killers for the murder of Daniel Pearl, the situation for Pakistan may get worse. Now call it the fear of international action or the conscience, but Pakistan is finally working under pressure to rebuild Hindu temples, and this pressure should remain.

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