Who played China for fear of Biden Russia Card but paper dragon could not impress Putin


These days the head of the Chinese head Xi Jinping is in very bad condition. He felt that his influence would be further enhanced by Joe Biden’s eclipse, but Joe Biden has decided to teach China a lesson. According to him, on Monday, Mr. Biden has heard fiercely about the mockery of trade, technology and human rights while scolding China, now China is fearing that Biden may not be more dangerous than a trap for China. . So they have started playing Russia cards.

But what did Biden say or do, which has caused the Chinese administration to blossom? Indeed, speaking on US-China relations on Monday, Biden said, “There should be any foreign policy regarding the relationship between the US and China, where the middle class has to think about the priority, or to protect the American interests, Or to protect the sovereignty of the Indo-Pacific region, our policies will prove to be stronger and stronger, when we work together with like-minded countries on this subject. “

Then or there, Jinping’s head went down and he immediately called the Russian Head of State to further strengthen Russia and China’s relations, and to avoid this potential threat from the United States. Xi Jinping is so nervous because Biden explicitly talked about defending the Indo-Pacific region, and he fears that the group might not get much force after that, prompting China to press on to the Indo-Pacific But it will be completely washed away.

But looking at Putin’s answer, it does not seem that he has any interest in this regard. According to him, the two countries talked a little about aid on important issues, but China was not interested in the readiness of China to see the news of those who attacked Russia’s unity.

There is a very clear reason behind this – the damage to Russia caused by the Wuhan virus. So far, the number of Russians lost due to this epidemic, Russia was reluctant to make their numbers public. But just as recently the Russian government has made its actual figures public. Looking at it, he does not think that he would be willing to establish any kind of relationship with China. According to him, the number of people killed by the Wuhan virus in Russia is almost three times more than the old figures, that is, so far not more than 60,000 people, but more than 1 lakh 86 thousand people have been killed by this epidemic.

In addition, Russia has recently approved the re-activation of a testing lab in the era of Soviet Russia, which will test weapons to be fired even in the coldest winter. In such a situation, Russia’s stance is clear – whatever the ideological differences with America, but it will not allow such a country to take advantage of it, due to which the sovereignty of not only its country but also its people has become a threat.

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