China will be bound to act like a child in 2021


2020 has undoubtedly proved to be China’s pole opening year. China has overpowered its hostility this year on the strength of rubbish diplomacy, and in such a situation, the next year is going to celebrate the disillusioned, as China will not be isolated from the world for long.

China did not forget to host enmity with many countries on many fronts. He felt that imposing his will on the world battling Wuhan virus would be a child’s play. But exactly the opposite happened. America, America, now even small countries from Taiwan and Nepal have started cheating China. We have not even talked about the African continent.
Also, the way China defied the territorial integrity of India and Japan without thinking, it invited its own alliance in the Indo-Pacific region. Both India and Japan are active members of the group, including the US and Australia, China’s arch rivals. Just a month ago the Malabar Naval War effort was organized under this group, whose message was clear – China did not even think about its expansionism in the Indo-Pacific, otherwise the consequences would be very bad.
That is why China has now started celebrating its ‘opponents’. But this process is not a new thing, rather it started from September itself. China has recently signed the Code of Conduit in the context of the South China Sea along with the world.

ASEAN pulls a fast one over In addition, China also tried to persuade Japan in several ways, so that dialogue between China and Japan could be re-established and Xi Jinping visited Japan. But Japan’s stance is clear – first China will abandon its claim on Senkaku Island, then think.

China’s condition is worse in India’s perspective. Be it strategic or economic front, India has reminded the Chinese in every field. The situation is such that China, which has been exporting rice to the world, has to import rice from India. Apart from this, the way India has put a barricade in East Ladakh, it has blown the perceived might of China –
Not only this, China’s Wolf Warrior diplomacy did not work either. In October, Foreign Minister Wang Yi went to Europe to do European countries in his court, but his style made it difficult for him in reverse Europe. Even though a major investment deal between the EU and China has been confirmed, these ties will remain even after the exit of the President of the Angela Merkle, with no guarantee. Similarly, with Biden’s arrival in the US, China has tried to increase its proximity with Russia, but Putin would hardly want to get caught up in China’s smooth talk.
2021 is the year when the airs of China will be completely mixed in the soil and will beg every country to make their relations as before. But since its colonial mentality cannot change, there is little chance of more countries or factions being trapped in the clutches of this new policy of China.

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