China not only spies from mobile, it also spies from TVs in many countries


The days that brought China and its companies infamous for espionage are becoming major revelations. After mobile apps and handsets, the US government has now feared that the theft and illegal spying of the data of common citizens of America can be kept even through Smart Televisions made in China. The Chinese company whose name has come under the scanner is TCL, which is becoming very popular not only in the US but also in India.

According to the allegations, some such flaws in TCL’s software in TVs have been detected by experts, through which screenshots of TV screens can be sent to servers in China. Along with this, it has also been said that TCL’s TVs are exposed to the flaw associated with browsing the file system without entering the password. Overall, allegations are leveled at TCL that a person sitting in China can access the data on these TVs without the help of a password, without the need for a password!

Since camera and mic also exist in these smart TVs, the possibility of spying through these TVs increases even more. Chinese companies are accused of spying and stealing data through gadgets. For example, some hackers recently claimed that China’s mobile company Xiaomi’s phones could illegally pass data on mobile browsers to servers in China. Some researchers have claimed that Incognito Mode has no effect on the browser’s functioning and that it normally sends people’s data to servers in China. Later Xiaomi company also admitted its mistake and apologized to the people for this mistake.
There is no doubt that the Chinese government largely subsidizes TV and mobile manufacturers in China and provides financial support to them. Perhaps this is why China’s mobile phones and TVs are so cheap compared to other companies around the world. However, we should not forget that under Chinese law these Chinese companies are obliged to share all their data with the Chinese government. In such a situation, by becoming users of these Chinese products, you can easily get caught in the spy cycle of CCP.

In recent times, countries like India and America have taken many big steps to break this Chinese espionage cycle. While America has banned a company like Huawei on its one hand, the Indian government has also banned hundreds of Chinese apps. This has led to a big message in countries around the world that China not only spies through its spy agencies, but it has also been able to reach people’s bedrooms through mobile apps, handsets and now even TV. The Government of India is also required to bring out the truth by doing a detailed investigation in this matter on these TV products being imported into India.

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