These questions will bother Kejriwal in 2021, who is doing little politics on the issue of farmers


The saying of becoming ‘Mausalchand’ in Dal-Bhat is fully applicable to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal is making a lot of fuss over the issue of farmers, but he is probably forgetting his promises made in elections. These promises made to the people of Delhi are going to disturb them a lot in the year 2021. Let us see what are the issues that will prove to be Kejriwal’s throat.

How long will free electric-water policies in Delhi
The challenge before the Kejriwal government is how the government will push free schemes. How to provide facilities to the public without bringing the government in deficit. This will be a major challenge for the Delhi government. However, subsidy is still being given to Delhiites on electricity and water. Expanding them as they continue is nothing short of a big challenge. It is worth mentioning that at the time of elections, Kejriwal had made a lot of promises regarding free electricity and water in Delhi.

When will 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras be installed in Delhi?
The revenue shortfall hampered the Kejriwal government’s election promises of installing WiFi, streetlights and 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras. At the same time, the Delhi government had to stop the purchase of new buses. Along with this, Delhi Government was also making plans for improvement in transportation, cleanliness of Yamuna, riverfront development and pollution. Giving subsidy for many welfare schemes is also a challenge before the government.

Challenge to deal with pollution
The courts continue to get truthful comments about pollution in Delhi. The court has even termed Delhi as a gas chamber. This year also, after Diwali, the level of pollution in the capital reached critical condition. Delhi’s AQI reached its highest level. That is why in the new year the challenge before the Kejriwal government will be how to reduce the pollution.

How will 500 km of roads be built, how will new buses be purchased?
Most of Delhi’s plans have been affected. The Kejriwal government has put 500 kilometers of roads, along with doorstep delivery of ration, and the purchase of 1250 buses in the priority list. Still Delhi is being subsidized on electricity and water. In such a situation, it is a big challenge to expand these schemes.

Banning communal riots and corona epidemic
The Kejriwal government’s position on this year’s communal riots has been questionable. After the riots in Delhi, due to Corona epidemic, the blood of Delhi was reduced. As of September, revenue collection declined by 53 tn. The Delhi government also had to incur additional costs to fight the Corona epidemic. Due to all these reasons, the total revenue of the government till November was 44.28% less than the estimate. Revenue was only 56 tn as compared to normal conditions. Clearly, stopping the riots and corona epidemic will be a major challenge before the government.

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