Anything is possible in 2020- dumping China, now Kim-jong-un is going to join hands with his old enemy


The year 2020 is coming to an end and just before that there is a big news related to the ties of North Korea and South Korea. Corona has had a tremendous impact on the economy of Ur Korea facing sanctions. Perhaps this is the reason why now, to improve its economy, Ur Korea is leaving its traditional partner China and growing closer with countries like Russia and South Korea. According to recent reports, now Ur Korea is working on a policy of redeveloping its “hill tourist destination” into a cultural center. Prior to 2008, thousands of South Korean tourists visited the site annually, due to which Korea received considerable revenue.

In 2008, a South Korean tourist was shot and killed here, after which this tourist destination was transformed into a deserted place. Now the officials of Ur Korea want to revive the place. According to an official, “We want to re-establish this place to give a new dimension to mutual cultural identity and goodwill.” Some Aeptors also agree that Ur Korea is pressurizing the South to re-develop this cultural center so that it can get some financial help.

Seeing this report, it can be understood that Ur Korea is now reducing its dependence on China to improve its economy. For example, before the lockdown, there were very few Chinese tourists visiting the above mentioned tourist center, but now Ur Korea is preparing to invite South Korea tourists again.

Since Corona, there has been a change in the foreign policy of Ur Korea and it is showing a sense of tolerance towards the rest of its neighbors besides China. The biggest example of this was seen in September. At that time, Kim Jong-un from Ur Korea, apologizing when a South Korean citizen was shot and killed at sea, called it an unexpected and humiliating incident. Typically, there is little hope of apologizing to dictator Kim-jong-un in this way. However, his move was seen as an attempt to ease tensions with the South.

Such steps have also been taken by South Korea, after which the relationship between the two countries has improved. For example, in the same month, South Korea has banned sending “propaganda-filled letters” across the border. In the past, the people of Ur Korea and South Korea have been sending letters against each other across the border through balloons. However, the same month, the South Korean parliament called it illegal, which was met with some opposition in South Korea.

Ur Korea has been banned by the heart, with this country’s trade with China is also decreasing. According to a report by Washington Post, trade between Ur Korea and China in the year 2020 alone has seen a 75 percent decline. A major reason for this could be that due to Corona, Ur Korea had completely sealed the border with China. Even the Chinese government had warned its citizens that if they move closer to the borders of Ur Korea, they will be in danger of being shot.

Now China’s influence on Korea is becoming less. Instead, this country is now moving closer to Russia and South Korea. Recently there were also reports of importation of Russian Vine Scene Sputnik V into the country, which has been denied by the Russian Embassy in Ur Korea. Now, with increasing proximity with South Korea, Ur Korea is not only expected to benefit financially, it will also get a better chance to negotiate with other global forces, free from the influence of China.

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