Punjab is falling after Udta Punjab, Punjab’s economic collapse


The farmers of Punjab are the most opposed to the agricultural laws passed by the central government, and Punjab itself is also suffering the most. Already the economic conditions in Punjab have become pathetic and require major reforms. In such a situation, due to the chaotic agitation of the farmers, the turmoil that is brewing in the entire state and tampering with the goods of communication related companies is tarnishing the image of Punjab. This is also going to give a big blow to the economy of the state, due to which once the disputed “Udta Punjab” due to intoxication has started the path of “falling Punjab” on the economic front.

The state has been in revolt against agricultural laws for quite some time. Initially it was backed by the Congress government there for political interests but now Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is also concerned about the economy of the state. In the name of protest, these farmers are targeting the Reliance Jio Network towers of the state, instead of focusing on farming, in the name of opposition. So far these people have destroyed more than 1,400 towers. According to reports, more than 176 telecom towers were damaged in Punjab in the last 24 hours. The story behind the damage to telecom towers is that the new agricultural laws will benefit industrialists like Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani.

These people are trying to damage the communication system of the state, which has also upset Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. Not only this, farmers have destroyed all types of rail services in Punjab, due to which the state has lost Rs 30,000 crore by November. Due to their dogma, not only the passengers but also the operation of goods trains is coming to a standstill which is taking Punjab back on the economic front. All these cases are ending the possibilities of setting up industries in Punjab.

The state of Punjab’s economy is not particularly good. According to The Print, RBI’s report on states states that Punjab is the most indebted state in India, with a debt to debt ratio of 40 percent of the state’s gross domestic product. More than 20 percent of the state’s income is spent on interest payments, which is the highest in the country. In recent years, Punjab has risen to the top of the list of India’s most revenue-deficit states due to the increasing power burden given to farmers and other concessions such as farm loan waivers.

The lack of continuous competition in agrarian Punjab and new facilities including bumper production of crops in other states has pushed Punjab back into the race for modern India. At the same time, from the point of view of industries, several states including neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand have made reforms to ease the business environment and with various incentives like 100 percent exemption in income tax and excise, working capital loan at concessional rate. Steps have been taken, but the attitude of the Punjab government is taking the state towards hollowness.

Unemployment is also increasing here due to lack of industrialization due to which a large section has either sent their children to study abroad or for jobs or they are migrating to another state. At the same time, drug addiction has brought the youth to the brink of ruin. Therefore, the number of mental diseases has also increased rapidly among the youth here. At a time when Punjab should make the biggest changes, in such a time, by spreading chaos in the name of farmer movement, people here are forcing the industry to relocate to other states, which is also very bad on the state infrastructure It will have an impact and it will bring down the drunken Punjab on the economic front.

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