Not China, India is Asia’s focal point and future

No matter how many claims China has made, but the fact is that since the Wuhan virus epidemic, global equations have changed forever, especially for Asia. According to Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister, at this time the center of Asia is not China but India, and that is also the future of Asia. In his talks with WION, Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama hoped that India would soon increase its activism in the group. According to him, “The way the Chinese military is infiltrating the borders of the countries around it and claiming claims on the water areas, it is necessary that like-minded democratic countries [such as the best groups] together solve this problem. do”.

Highlighting India’s role, Yasuhide Nakayama stated, “I personally know India’s position and I will personally apply to India to be more proactive in keeping the Indo Pacific region free from China’s influence.” We want a strong and strong India. India is the center of Asia’s politics and it is very important to have them. We all want India and we would like India to further increase its activism in the region “.

In addition, the Japanese Deputy Defense Minister lashed out at China for spreading the Wuhan virus, stating that “China is accountable to the world for its misdeeds and that the WHO should be put in the dock”. But Japan wants to convey the message of India as the main center of Asia? Indeed, the global equations have changed significantly since the Wuhan virus, and China’s influence has also been largely reduced. In such a situation, Japan wants to take advantage of these changed equations and become part of a new global order.

But Japan also knows that India’s role in this changed global order cannot be ignored, especially when India has badly demolished India’s attempt to attack the Tibet Order. That is why Japan has given India a special place by calling India the center of Asia, because it is well aware that if anyone can openly challenge China and show its position, then it is only India. In such a situation, by enhancing India, the Japanese Deputy Defense Minister has only once again underscored the importance of global India, and also expressed the hope that the friendship between India and Japan will continue to thrive.

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