Pakistan emerged as largest loser in Abraham Accord, Turkey also left

US President Donald Trump may be going out of sight, but his few achievements are such that they will not be forgotten. One of them is the historical Abraham Accord, under which many Islam-dominated countries of Central Asia established relations with Israel, overcoming years of narrow ideologies. But knowingly or unknowingly, a country has been told its status without any special decision or action, and that is Pakistan. If Abraham Accord has washed away any country from its health, it is Pakistan. Because of which now no country wants to make a connection with that Islamic country.

At one time in its craze, Pakistan had also sent its Air Force ships to help the Islamic countries in the 1967 6 Day War. But today his condition is such that his new boss Turkey is also considering improving his relations with Israel. A few months ago, on the conflict between Turkey and Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, Israel considered Turkey’s aggression a worrisome and sent an indirect message that now Turkey could be a concern for him rather than Iran. But Turkey soon understood that messing with Israel would mean inviting his own ruin, including a musical instrument, so he is now looking to improve his relationship with Israel.

Turkish President Erdogan said in a recent interview that if the Palestine issue is dropped, Turkey itself wants relations with Israel to improve, and for this, he also pointed out that the two countries now have intelligence issues The conversation has resumed. It is possible that this decision has been taken by Turkey keeping in mind the current equations, so that it should at least face the outbreak of Saudi Arabia.

In fact, Erdogan’s desire to be the Caliph has made him the main adversary of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the UAE, and in such a situation, this soft attitude towards Israel gives the message that when the time comes, he too will focus on improving his relationship with Israel Will give In such a situation, the condition of Pakistan has now become like that of a washerman, who did not stay home or ghat. The way Pakistan has been weighed by many countries under the Abraham Accord, and now Turkey is also seen turning away from it, it is clear that if Pakistan does not improve in time, it will one day be isolated from the whole world. Will fall and nothing will be left with barren land.

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