Is the peasant movement another form of Khalistan’s Referenduma 2020?

The Sikhs for Justice Organization, which runs the Khalistani agenda, announced that in 2020 Indians will build a Khalistan in Punjab through Referendum 2020. This organization, which runs Khalistani agenda all over the world by getting funding from ISI with the support of Pakistan, has been depressed by natural tremors like Corona. These organizations are now pretending to have some movement with the end of 2020 which seems to be part of Referendum 2020.

In September this year, farmers of Punjab-Haryana have agitated on the borders of Delhi against agricultural laws passed by the Parliament of the country. Taking advantage of this, the Sikh for Justice had also asked for a grant of 1 million dollars for the farmers of Punjab Haryana. It also said, “Any farmer can register 25 votes in the Khalistan referendum 2020 on the basis of his faith. Instead, he will get 5000 rupees from which the loan can be repaid. “

Actually, in the name of this loan, these people were bribing the farmer for Khalistan. In the past, this separatist organization has suggested Rs 3,500 to farmers for Referendum 2020. The organization said that those who have not been able to pay the loan will be given money on a monthly basis. If in future it is found that pro-Khalistani and anarchic elements were promoting this movement in the farmers’ movement, then it would not be a surprise as it was already started by Sikh for Justice as Referendum 2020 was.

These possibilities cannot be denied that the Sikhs sitting in the US Canada UK who are always supporters of the Khalistani concept are sitting on the borders of Delhi, supporting the chaotic agitation of farmers, in which financial help is being provided and this is a The subject of extensive investigation. The loyalty of Punjabi singers has also been questioned from time to time, while a large number of them are pro-India, but some foreigners are trying to make this movement chaotic which is the subject of investigation.

The blockade of Delhi borders by farmers in Punjab and Haryana at the end of 2020 on the basis of a needless delusion on a large scale, is unknown to you. At such a time or this movement may be part of the Referendum 2020 agenda. We have already told you in our report that Home Minister Amit Shah has taken an action to investigate against foreign funding on this issue under which various central agencies like CBI, ED, NIA, FIU and Income Tax Department, NGOs, Khalistani organizations and Their foreign

Prepared for heavy action on the payers, which is a setback for these pro-Khalistan supporters after the failure of Referendum 2020.

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