We have been culturally dominated China for 2000 years

Since May this year, there has been intense tension between India and China. China, following the expansionist policy, now wants to dominate India too, so that it does not present any challenge to its dominance in Asia. However, now India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that China is his place and said that it is India which has been influencing the culture of China for the last two thousand years. Through this, Rajnath Singh has also sent a message to China that there is no competition between India and China in the matter of soft power, and today most countries of the world have a positive image about India, whereas things in the case of China Are completely opposite.

Rajnath Singh made this big statement in the concluding ceremony of ‘Tourism festival’ organized by the Ministry of Tourism. He made this claim by quoting Hu Shih, the Chancellor of Peking University during the Chinese Revolution. Rajnath Singh said “India has maintained cultural control and domination over China for more than 2,000 years without sending a single soldier. This is the effect of India if any country controls China culturally, then it will give India And this fact was accepted by Hu Shih. “
Let us tell that India and China have historically been very close trading partners to each other. This country used to be the ideal neighbor of India before the arrival of the Unitarian rule in China. Culturally, there was a close relationship between the two countries. Cultural relations between India and China are around three thousand years old. These relationships began through trade but Buddhism provided stability to them. In the first century, Dharmaraksh and Kashyap Matang Buddhist monks arrived in China at the invitation of Mitrandi, the Han dynasty ruler of China. Even then, many scholars from India went to China and went on to leave an impression of Indian culture on China.

Even Fahian, a famous traveler from China, was heavily influenced by Indian culture. Fahian reached India in the fifth century and lived in India for about 10 years, where he was inspired by Buddhism. It shows how India has been influencing the world, including China, without sending a single soldier or even demonstrating its military strength.

Rajnath Singh has also criticized China with his statement. Today China wants to establish its supremacy over the world with the help of its money and military power and force the world to take its influence. Rajnath Singh has sent a message to China that a country does not need a large army to increase its influence and soft power, but it needs effective values. Today, China uses debt trap diplomacy, offensive forces, wolf warrior diplomacy, infiltration and espionage for global influence. However, without adopting such methods, India has been making its impact on the world for centuries. Rajnath Singh has shown the truth to China in one of his statements, which even the Chinese pro-propagandists cannot deny.

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