Greater disclosure than a letter, not only Pakistan but China is also behind the farmer movement

Farmer demonstrations have been taking place in Delhi for the last two deaths – but here, except for the concerns of the farmers, all other issues are being thrown out loudly. Somewhere the demand for Khalistan, and somewhere the Sikh versus Hindu fight, the same issues are now being seen in the headlines. However, now the Chinese angle appears in this story. In fact, a letter from the Sikhs For Justice, ie SFJ, which sought Khalistan, has just come out, which was written in the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping, just after the Indo-China dispute in the Galvan Valley. The Chinese media has already threatened to incite separatism in India. In such a situation, the suspicion increases that China is not behind the fake peasant demonstrations in Delhi?

Let’s first look at this letter written on June 17. The snub at the SFJ expresses its support to the Jinping government, condemning the aggression of the Modi government. The letter further states “We will always be grateful to the Chinese people who have fully supported our demand to separate Khalistan from India”. Not only this, it is also written in the letter that in August this terrorist organization will go to Beijing and try to mobilize pro-diplomats for Khalistan.

After this letter appeared, it has become clear that there has been a dialogue between Khalistani terrorists and Beijing. The big question here is whether or not the Chinese government people sitting in Beijing are paying any attention to these Khalistanis! Looking at the Chinese media’s stance in the last few months, it can be said that China does not want to leave any stone unturned to support these Khalistanis. On October 18, take a look at this article published in the Global Times! In this article, the Chinese media is openly threatening to incite separatism and violence in India.

One place in this letter reads “After the crackdown of the Indian Army in the North East of India, the separatist organizations have weakened here. The big reason for this is that these organizations are not getting any support from outside the country right now. How?” If these external forces start supporting them. ” Here China is directly threatening India that if India does not stop playing Taiwan card, China can incite separatism in India.

One thing to understand is that when India-China dispute is growing, how can China leave such a great opportunity to support the Khalistanis? Recently, Union Minister Raosaheb Danve had also said in one of his speeches that China as well as China could be behind this peasant protest. With his statement, the Nationalist Congress Party is so
He was hurt that he even demanded Danve’s resignation. But now that there is a direct connection between the SFJ terrorist organization and Beijing, the government and countrymen need to take it seriously.

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