For the first time India held China responsible for spreading organic terrorism in the world

Organic terrorism has become an old habit of China, due to which almost all the countries of the world have been troubled by it. About this, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has called on all ASEAN countries to fight together on this issue. Rajnath Singh did not take the name of China during this period, but his direct message was to China, because China continues to exploit organic terrorism from America to Europe and South Asia.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, while addressing the ASEAN countries, has expressed his views with full vigor on the issue of this global terrorism. “We need to fight and unite against sati against everything from bioterrorism to pandemic diseases. Also, violations of maritime regulations and cyber security related crimes have to be raised on such global forums,” he said.

With this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said about ASEAN, “The ability to deal with challenges based on the basic principles of freedom, openness and inclusivity will determine the future of the region.”
He said, “There are many threats like rule based system, maritime security, cyber related crime and terrorism which remain challenges and we need to deal with them as a platform. The core principles of freedom, inclusiveness in the region of South Asia And our ability to meet challenges based on openness will determine our future. “
In this virtual meeting of ASEAN, the Defense Minister has taken both his enemies together. Rajnath Singh said that without mentioning Pakistan that it is necessary to fight against sponsored terrorism, on the other hand, it has also exposed the new agenda of biological terrorism of China, for which all the countries of ASEAN have been brought together.

It is not hidden from anyone that China promotes organic terrorism the most. Organic terrorism is being promoted by China in other ways including e-commerce in the US. China’s organization is also adopting some similar policy against India. India is already battling the outbreak of the Kovid-19 virus created by China.

The Government of India sees the incidents of carrying out biological terrorism through e-commerce as a threat to the food security of the country, whose main aim is to stop the pandemic and to stop the agricultural and economic development from which it can benefit.
In view of this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has raised this issue among the ASEAN countries, because India wants China to have a collective shame and disrespect on this issue as well.

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