Political parties bicker over new agrarian reform laws

Today farmers are protesting in the streets in protest against the new agricultural laws. Under the guise of this demonstration, political parties have got a chance to cook their political loaves. All the parties opposed to the NDA government are openly supporting the protesting parties. But these parties have demanded to implement such laws themselves. She has even given suggestions to the state governments for this while in government. Let us show you the bungling of political parties, first supported them and now they have come down on protest for political gains-

The Congress’s manifesto included provisions of the new law. The Congress Party is today strongly opposing the new agrarian reform laws and misleading the farmers. The same Congress party included this law in the 2019 manifesto. His manifesto clearly stated, “Congress will repeal the Agricultural Produce Market Committees and make arrangements for trade in agricultural products, including exports and inter-state trade, which will be free from all restrictions.” His manifesto can still be seen on his website. These things are recorded in point number 11 of page number 17 in his manifesto.
The Congress had promised in its manifesto that it would abolish the Essential Commodities Act and replace it with a new law called Schwester 1955. This can also be seen in page number 18 of his manifesto. On December 27, 2013, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi had said in a press conference that the Congress-ruled states would surrender fruits and vegetables under the APMC Act to reduce their prices. But today, when our government has done this, Rahul Gandhi is at the forefront in instigating the farmers.

The mongrel character of the Nationalist Congress Party, first the letter in support and later on the anti-agrarian reform bill, the Nationalist Congress Party’s mongrel character has come out When Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar was the country’s agriculture minister in the UPA government, he was trying very hard to implement these agricultural reforms, but today, by his own decision, he is advising the central government by taking a U-turn. For this, former Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar wrote a letter to Chief Ministers of all states between August 2010 and November 2011. He had repeatedly asked for the implementation of Model APMC and amendment of State APMC Acts. He had emphasized to encourage the private sector in marketing infrastructure, so that farmers could find an alternative medium for competition. He said that this will help farmers get better prices.

In the letter written in August 2010, Sharad Pawar ji had emphasized that there is a need for a better market for the overall development, employment and economic progress of agricultural areas in the rural areas of India and the model APMC attains this need. . In the letter written in November 2011, he reiterated the same thing and personally appealed to all ministers to take steps without delay for the betterment of farmers.
Let us tell you that in May 2012, the then Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has a formal reply in Rajya Sabha. In this, he openly supported Agriculture Marketing Reforms. He said in response to a question that “some recommendations have already been accepted, like the proposal for liberalization of Agri-procurement. We have requested Cooperative Ministers of all states to amend the APMC Act.” But the same Sharad Pawar is not only opposing these agricultural reforms, but also provoking the farmers for this. Shiv Sena first implemented the ordinance, then withdrew under pressure.

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