How is there similarity with Rahul Gandhi in Canadian Pappu?

If you search ‘Pappu in India’ on Google, the major search engine, you will first see the name and picture of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Similarly, writing on Google, Rahul Gandhi’s name will come up. Not only this, if you search ‘Pappu of India’ in Hindi also, then the picture of Rahul Gandhi and the contents related to it comes out. Rahul Gandhi’s

Likewise, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also called Asar ‘Canadian Pappu’.

Now the question arises that there are such things after which Rahul Gandhi is called ‘Pappu of India’ and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is called ‘Canadian Pappu’. Actually, there are many funny similarities between the two leaders. First, there is a commonality between the actions of the two leaders and their PR strategy. Also, there are many examples that bring the two closer. Both inherited politics Rahul Gandhi and Justin Trudeau both strong

Political families come from. Rahul Gandhi’s father, grandmother and great-grandfather have all been Prime Ministers of India. Rahul Gandhi has inherited politics and is the current crown prince of the Congress. Just like Rahul Gandhi, Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada. Pierre Trudeau has been Prime Minister of Canada four times, a record in Canada. He was Canada’s strongest leader from 1968 to 1984.

Boyhood Rahul Gandhi and Justin in a round of demonstrating knowledge

 Both do not desist from showing their knowledge from time to time. But in the meantime, both make mistakes and become ridiculed. Justin Trudeau began teaching quantum computing lessons to a reporter in 2016. At the same time, seeing this boyhood, the international media strongly criticized him. Like Trudeau, Rahul Gandhi also decided

That he will address a gathering on Artificial Intelligence. However, a few days later it was revealed that he was only going to address a gathering of the Indian Overseas Congress. In fact, he did not talk on an issue like Artificial Intelligence. Justin Trudeau and Rahul are very popular among their fans by tricking the security personnel. Both of them become quite crazy while meeting the fans. It is the hobby of both of them to dodge the security personnel.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi gets so impatient to meet his fans that he even gets off the bus to meet the fans.

Suddenly showing their generosity Rahul Gandhi and Trudeau miss no opportunity to demonstrate their generosity In 2016, a photo of Trudeau sitting with a small child went viral on social media. Actually that photo was of 2015 when Trudeau was comforting a school kid as he had a bad day at school. Rahul Gandhi meets with migrant laborers on footpath amidst nationwide lockdown

Of. Also heard their problems. The Congress also tweeted this meeting of Rahul Gandhi on its official Twitter handle. Attempting to look social by wishing for a happy birthday, Rahul Gandhi in 2017 with great disinterest

107-year-old grandmother of Congress supporter was congratulated on her birthday. Not only this, they also called him to meet him. Earlier in 2016, Justin Trudeau had done so. The 120-year-old woman wished to meet Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on her birthday. Trudeau did not disappoint the woman.

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