No case will be held against Arnab, after court rebuke, Bokhalai Thackeray police

Recently, the Supreme Court upheld the trust in the judiciary and also granted interim bail to journalist Arnab Goswami and heard the Maharashtra government for his arrogance. Now, in its detailed order, the Supreme Court, stating the reason behind granting bail, made it clear that in the case of suicide of Anvay Nayak, the Maharashtra administration has no such evidence, which can make a case against Arnab

According to a detailed order of the Supreme Court, no case is made against Arnab Goswami for the “Prima Facie” circumstances on which action can be taken against him. This is not proved even by what was filed by Mumbai Police of Maharashtra.

But do not think that the Mumbai Police would have learned anything from this case. Maintaining its arrogance, Mumbai Police has filed a charge sheet against Arnab Goswami in the Anvay Nayak case in Alibaug court, making Pradeep Patil his representative. By doing this, as if the Mumbai Police is ready to challenge the Supreme Court, and this can later prove to be harmful to the image of Mumbai Police.

In early November, Arnab was detained by a joint force of Raigad and Mumbai police in connection with the abduction of Anvay Nayak to suicide. Arnab was accused of abetting the suicide of an interior designer named Anvay Nayak, about whom the Mumbai police had also filed a Loz report in 2018 for lack of evidence.

But the manner in which he was detained, and the manner in which the Mumbai Police misbehaved with him, the Maharashtra government was widely criticized throughout the country. When the Bombay High Court dismissed an appeal for interim bail, the case reached the Supreme Court, where Justice Chandrachud clearly not only lashed out at the Maharashtra government, but also to the bench of the Bombay High Court for not giving bail to Arnab Goswami. Heard it right

Apart from this, the Supreme Court also said that if someone’s fundamental rights are being violated, and the Supreme Court does not interfere, then where will the citizens go? Now, in such a detailed order, the Supreme Court, giving a shock to the Uddhav Thackeray government, made it clear that there can be no clear charge against Arnab Goswami in the case of Anvay Nayak.

To be fair, the Supreme Court, through its detailed order, has sent a clear message that the fundamental rights of citizens are not a game of jest that anyone snatches at will. But the manner in which the Mumbai Police has dared to file a charge sheet against Arnab Goswami even though there is no concrete evidence, it clearly proves that he would go to any lengths to send Arnab Goswami behind bars. It is ready, and this Hethi is going to prove very harmful for Uddhav Thackeray’s government.

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