Pro-Khalistani Mayor now on India’s and UK’s improving relations

When it rains, some venomous snakes also come out of their burrows. Now look at the peasant demonstrations happening in India. There is no doubt that these demonstrations have now been hijacked by Khalistani and anti-national elements. In the meantime, a poisonous snake named Sadiq Khan has emerged from the London bill, about 6700 km from New Delhi, which has the same agenda and is causing tension in the flourishing Indo-UK relationship!

Sadiq Khan, you must have heard the name! He is of Pakistani origin and is the Mayor of the city of London today. Now on December 10, the Khalistani terrorist organization “Sikhs for Justice” in these cities, SFJ has decided to take out an anti-India rally. The Indian High-Commission present in the UK has already raised the issue with the Metropolitan Police of London, being alert and asked to prevent any such anti-India rally from taking place.

In response, the Metropolitan Police has now issued a letter warning the protesters that if they come out and perform, they can be brought under legal action in violation of the rules imposed due to Corona epidemic. However, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has so far shown no interest in stopping this anti-India rally. That too despite knowing that Corona’s already worsening situation in London could worsen further.

But will they stop the anti-India rally anyway? He himself has known his Khalistani love from time to time. For example, in the year 2018 itself, Sadiq Khan had allowed the same terrorist organization, Ssnchaw, to stage a massive anti-India protest in London, whereas on the same day, the Mayor of London was asked for a rally in support of India. Was not exempted. This shows how Sadiq Khan himself is misusing the position of Mayor of London and causing a rift in Indian relations.

This time the Timing of the anti-India protests in London is going to be very important. Next month, on 26 January, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to be the guest of honor on the occasion of Republic Day of India and both countries are also going to give a new dimension to their economic relations. A free trade agreement is also under negotiation between the UK and India. In such a situation, Sadiq Khan has got this great opportunity to create tension in these relationships. Taking advantage of the farmers’ demonstrations in India, they now want to hi-jack Britain and India’s ties.

This is the same Sadiq Khan, who, despite the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir by India last year, had organized massive anti-India protests in London and in those demonstrations even the Embassy of India was attacked. The Indian high-commission was attacked vigorously with water bottles and eggs, in which Indian officials working inside the embassy managed to save their lives with great difficulty. Now Sadiq Khan wants to raise the same issue again. We feel that the Government of India and the UK Government will have to put pressure on the Mayor of London to postpone these anti-India protests as soon as possible, otherwise there may be tension in the relations of India.

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