Argentina: India’s Sovereignty is mortgaged to Italy

31 August 2020

UPA to save Sonia made way for Quattrocchi to fly from
Argentina ; UPA government representative went to London to give clearance fo defreeze Mr. Q’s  accounts in
London bank and drew Rs 21 crores related to Bofors kick back. Sonia is looting Sone ki cidiya?

Quattrocchi’s son come to
India but Quattrocchi can’t be brought to
India . Sonia Gandhi’s mother came here. Italian born & also Italian Citizen & Passports Sonia & Rahul unable to bring Q in
India !!

Thank you Thank you but to whom?

Who involve themselves to mortgagee the sovereignty of
India to
Italy ? Thank you all who give 10 Janpath a status of
Vatican City to get orders from Gandhian Pope? Thank you IIM Guru and Dean of jokes Lalu Yadav and other opportunists power hungers. They gave a chance to a lady at the time of reading of Railway budget to spread cruel smile due to seeing the flight of Quattrocchi to
Italy . Lalu loudly said to get cheers of learned parliamentarians that budget is prepared on the direction (marg darshan) of Sonia Gandhi. I read about day dacoits but never read or hear moving of Jaichands in day light in front of patriotic people. Really we are the great making
India the great!

UPA to save Sonia made way for Quattrocchi to fly from Argentina

Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian businessman being held in
Argentina and wanted for questioning in
India in a high-profile arms scandal, has been released from custody, a federal judge said on Monday.

Federal Judge Mariana Arjol said an appeals court in Misiones province ordered the conditional release of Quattrocchi after he was detained by Argentine authorities on Feb. 6 at an airport in the northern city of
Puerto Iguazu .

Quattrocchi was arrested by Interpol on Feb 6. Interpol sent three letters to UPA Government for this. But neither CBI nor UPA gave reply up till now. Though on Feb 12 there was a case hearing in the Supreme Court on PIL of Advocate Ajay Afrawal but Government intentionally hide the facts to the SC. Is it not contempt of the SC? Is it an expample of Right of Information Act RIA? To day SC further asked CBI and Government with in 7 days reply on this matter. The facts of Quarrocchi’s arrest was hided up to Feb 22 by the UPA and CBI. Media gathered the information of Mr. Q’s arrest from its sources. It is remarkable that mole give information to the media only when the release of Quattrocchi  on Feb 23. That mole is intelligent. Mole pleased 10 Janpath and the media as well as. So, UPA now ordered for the enquiry to find the mole in the government for this! Son of Quattrocchi was reached in
India after Feb. Perhps his mother is the cousin sister of Sonia Gandhi. Why did he came here? Did he not meet with Sonia Gandhi and concerned ministers of UPA?

Suspected Indianess of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi was presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi by KGB. Rahul Gandhi was born in
Italy . Both are also Italian citizen with Italian Passports. She owned a house in
Italy , but not in
India . She moves in car without owning a car. She disclosed at the time of 2004 general election that she had two lakhs. That amount is still continuing as it was.

Sonia, whose Italian origin threw her in controversy, became a full-fledged Indian citizen in 1984 after the death of Indira Gandhi. She did not take Indian citizenship for 15 years!

Sonia Gandhi became a primary member of the Congress less than a year ago before the Calcutta Congress Plenary Session in August 1997. She did not take membership of congress for 29 years!!

Italian Ford factory is nearer to her

village of

Italy and she was also earned handsome salary being a technician and director of Maruti Udhyog but she doesn’t own any car I India.

At the time of

Bangladesh liberation War she with her children took shelter in Italian Embassy of India to fly to

Italy if situation arised.

Italian connection of Natwar and Amrinder

Natwar Singh married sister of Amrinder Singh. Late Maharaj Yadveindra Singh was the father in law of Natwar Singh and father of Punjab CM Amrinder Singh. Maharaj Yadveindra Singh was the Ambassador to

Italy 1965-1966 and received decoration: GC of the Order of Merit of the

Republic of

Italy (1966).

Roberto Formigoni, president of italy’s lombardi region and Sonia

Formigoni is aso involved in Oil for Food scandal. In 2002, Formigoni had visited
India with a business delegation and praised Sonia Gandhi. Responding to a question on Sonia Gandhi, Formigoni expressesed great admiration, “ I’m happy for her and her own party. She may have been of Italian origin but I must say she has become totally Indian, in her culture and mentality. She is a very interesting lady.” In early 2005 he became embroiled in the Iraq Oil for Food Scandal when an investigation by Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy’s leading economic daily) and The Financial Times revealed that he had received an allocation of 24 million barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein’s regime.

KGB and Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi was  presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi by KGB. Subsequently Rajiv married Sonia. Finally Rajiv had to pay the price for that spy Sonia to save her boyfriend Quatrochi and billions dollars of bribes.

KGB might be involved in the plane accident of Sanjay Gandhi to bring Rajiv as the successor to Indira Gandhi. This paved the way for Rajiv Gandhi to become PM.

Sonia & Congress sold our nation to KGB  and now to Italy

** Rajiv’s untimely death left Sonia Gandhi extremely wealthy. The true extent of her wealth became known only when the Soviet archives were thrown open following the collapse of the
Soviet Union . KGB archives revealed that as far back as 1982, when Indira Gandhi was still prime minister, Soviet trading agencies were channeling funds into a company controlled by her son and future Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

According to the respected Swiss Magazine, Schweitxzer Illustrate [November 1991 issue], Rajiv Gandhi had about $ 2 billion in numbered Swiss bank accounts, which Sonia inherited upon his assassination.

Dr. Yevgenia Albats, Ph.D [Harvard], is a noted Russian scholar and journalist. She was a member of the KGB Commission set up by President Yeltsin in August 1991. She was privy to the Soviet intelligence files that documented these deals and KGB facilitation of the same. In her book The State Within a State The KGB in
Soviet Union , she even gives the file numbers of such intelligence files, which can now be accessed by any Indian government through a formal request to the Kremlin.

Sonia is a Russian name

Sonia Gandhi, chairperson of
India ‘s ruling coalition, along with Natwar Singh had visited the twin Russian cities of Vladimir and Suzdal. Her father Stefano Maino — who was an Italian soldier fighting against Soviet troops during World War II — was jailed in the region of the above said twin cities as a prisoner of war for several years.
But her Russian hosts could not show her the prison where Maino was held as the structure no longer exists. Maino, who later became a building contractor, never harbored any grouse or anger against his Russian captors. Rather, Sonia’s father Stefano Maino fell in love with Russian culture and literature, government-run RIA Novosti reported pointing that all his daughters including Sonia (Antonio Maino) have Russian names and Sonia can also speak a little Russian.

Swiss based Masefield

The company, Masefield, mentioned in the Volcker Report as having managed the transactions for Natwar Singh and the Congress, is a Zug-based (Swiss) oil-trading company controlled by protégés of Marc Rich. Marc Rich is one of

Switzerland ’s wealthiest residents, and is one of its largest taxpayers. He is discreetly protected by the Swiss police and security apparatus, as many journalists seeking information have found out.

India should not expect any real cooperation or evidence from that

Canton or

Switzerland .

Italian connection of Masefield

You may find 6 entries; all spin offs of same Masefield. We see some Italian names as owners in some companies.
1. Masefield AG in Zug, Ltd, +++, CH-
2. Masefield Energy Holdings AG in Zug, Ltd, +++, CH-
3. Masefield Energy Resources AG in Zug, Ltd, +++, CH-
4. Masefield Trading AG in Zug, Ltd, +++, CH-
5. MvelaMasefield AG in Zug, Ltd, +, CH-
6. Pragma Energy SA in Lugano, Ltd, +++, CH-
Remember Pragma Energy SA is active in

India by it is an Italian Company.

We see Italian names as owners in the companies associated with Masefield AG. Welgas Holdings and Pragma Energy, formerly Masefield Coalfields, reportedly had officials or offices in

India . Enel is also an Italian company.

By Premendra Agrawal

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