Sweety Buta Congress: Bad Apples Or Bad Barrel?

31 Aug 2020

Sweety gets bail on ground ‘as bad company in jail could ‘corrupt’ him! Sarabjot’s lawyer further argued in the court that while accepting money from Begi, they were not aware about the conspiracy!! Lawyer once more argued that his father Buta Singh (tainted) would stand surety if the CBI fears that the former would jump bail.

Saying that former union minister Buta Singh’s son could fall into bad company of hardcore criminals at the Arthur Road Jail, where he was lodged after being arrested for allegedly seeking a Rs 1 crore bribe, a CBI court on Aug 5, 09 granted him bail. Sarabjot Singh, alias Sweety, could be driven to commit serious crimes, the court said.

The judge observed that keeping the accused in custody is not justified.

Who are bad apples or bad barrel among Sweety Buta Congress trio?

Who are or were other apples? List is long, not possible touching to so many.

Can he/she be born a criminal?

No, people are not born criminal. They may be brought up to think that criminal activity and antisocial behavior is acceptable, but that would be the result of poor parenting. Why don’t parents take any responsibility anymore? So called accused naming in this articles became bad apples due to Congress which itself is a bad barrel.

Buta Singh, Shibu Soren, Narsinmha Rao, Supreme Court lawyer R K Anand just convicted by Supreme Court and others, have been made corrupt by congress. http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/post/Guilty-Anand-ke-saath-Congress-kaa-Saath.aspx

Domestic violence and corrupt congress

On September 8 of 2008, Andres Vargas of San Antonio, Texas, opened fire at least six hours hundreds of rounds, the S.A. Express- News reported. Ask any police officer and, they will tell you that Domestic violence calls often may pose more of a danger than other types of disturbances. http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/120122006.htm

Tainted Money: Buta Singh’s son Sarabjit Singh

Buta Singh was home minister in Narsimha Rao’s government and both got imprisonment of three years for their involvement in JMM Scam. Even after that Buta Singh became governor of Bihar. Tainted AICTE chief suspended, not minister  Domestic corruption of Buta family and Congress may made Sarbjot a tainted bureaucrat. http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/post/Tainted-AICTE-Chief-suspended-not-minister.aspx

Conman: Jadeja and politicians?


Conman Jadeja reveals to CNN-IBN how scam operated!

Ashok Jadeja said, “We had around 17-18 agents. All transactions and money collection was done by the agents. I am not liable to the families who have lost the money. All the work was done by my agents,”
Politicians: Intelligent leaders never take bribery directly. All crimes are done through agent. Whose agent was Quattrocchi? Natwar Singh said that he never touched a barrel of oil!

Who was the politician caught red handed with huge foreign currency in Boston by FBI of America? http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/125122006.htm

Bad apple and bad barrel

Social psychologist Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University of U S writer of book titled ‘Lucifer Effect’ tries correct the belief that evil is located only in the disposition of the individual and that the problem is in the few bad apples,” he says. He further explained “Before we blame individuals, the charitable thing to do is to first find out what situations they were in that might have provoked this evil behavior. Why not assume that these are good apples in a bad barrel, rather than bad apples in a good barrel?”

How can we tell the difference? Compare behavior before, during and after the evil event in question. “When I launched my experiment at Stanford, we knew these students were good apples because we gave them a battery of tests and every one of them checked out normal,” Zimbardo explains. “So, on day one they were all good apples. Yet within days the guards were transformed into sadistic thugs and the prisoners were emotionally broken.”

Enron and Anderson of U S

For example we can take the case of Enron and Anderson of U. S.

As the noose tightens around more corporate necks at Enron, however, one question that arises is why Enron itself is not the target of a criminal case.

Like that my question is why Congress itself is not the target of the corruption case.

One can speculate, legal studies professor Dunfee says, that “the government decided Andersen was a bad barrel early on, but has not yet reached that conclusion about Enron,”

JMM scam, Bofors scam, Urea scam, Fodder scam, Petrol Pump scam, Jain hawala case, HDW submarine, Churhat lottery, Bitumen scam, Tansi land deal, Nagrwala scam, Sugar scam and as like other scams have been shielded in the bad barrel Congress.

Pakad jaye voh chor jo bach jaye voh sahukar

There is an old saying that money is the mother’s milk of politics. http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/111012007.htm

Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister in the Narsimha Rao Government. Shibu Soren and other JMM leaders were got bribery for giving votes in favor of Rao Govt to save it. http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/107122006.htm

Political underworld dons Congress

Shibu Soren, Buta Singh, Narsinhmha Rao became tainted due to Congress culture. Shibu Soren, tribal leader and Buta Singh dalit leader werenot clean shaved. http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/105122006.htm

In Indian democracy no one has right to punish Congress for capturing power to rule by giving bribe

Analysis by Premendra Agrawal

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