Editorial: Swara Was Trapped In The Opposition Of CAA-NRC- Video Of TV Debate Went Viral

28 August 2020

Suddenly Kasab started trending in defense of Swara Bhaskar 

Had Kasab not been caught, Hindu would have been declared a terrorist

Had Kasab not been caught, the Hindu would have been declared a terrorist. This detailed discussion is discussed separately in this editorial page.

Swara is a prominent member of the piecemeal gang. Some people have accused Swara that he too may have been wished that if Kasab had not been caught, it would have been good if Hindu terrorism had got strength.

Below this editorial is a picture of a gathering, in the presence of Digvijay Singh, Swara Bhaskar is seen giving speech against anti CAA, NRC, NRP.

Swara Bhaskar’s open poll during debate, lack of knowledge in the debate of nation, heart and heart

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar faced major humiliation during the live-show on Saturday due to lack of knowledge on the ongoing debate on CAA, NRC and NPR. Swara Bhaskar was taking part in a TV debate with actor Mohammed Zishan Ayub and director Tigmanshu Dhulia discussing the Citizenship Amendment Act (Nation).

As the show progressed, the female Muslim journalist asked Swara Bhaskar about the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act, the National Register for Citizens (Hrishta) and the National Population Register. Swara Bhaskar’s incomplete knowledge came out openly on this as he had no knowledge of the objectives and procedure related to CAA, NPR or NRC.

Swara Bhaskar looked confused about the nation and heartbroken and because of this, she was also making false statements. The poor people of the country do not have any documents. ”On asking the journalist where the draft was, he asked the journalist to ask the government about the draft and also said that it is not his job.

After Swara was stuck in the question of CAA-NRC in the TV debate, she issued a statement with a view to controlling the damage and said

N: Wrestling with dock media, Edited Clips-Nation-Hearted: The journalist challenged Swara Bhaskar and said that if you give me the draft of NRC right now, I will end this debate immediately. You are engaged in shaving the child who was not born.

>> The surveyors of the Congress keep Gandhi’s surname in front of his name. Mahatma Gandhi used to imagine Ramrajya, but critics of the Congress used to say that the Congress wants Romrajya or Taliban rule. The truth of the minorities being tortured in Afghanistan and Pakistan right now can be understood by hearing the sad saga of the news of Afghan refugees who have come to India today. They will be given citizenship under CAA. What violent movement of the CAA did not take place under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, who shouted the Constitution and the voice of the people?

The confusion and false rumors spread under the cover of the opposition of the CAA, NPR and the violent protests that led to Jinnah’s independence slogans, PM Modi was called to the murderer, the violence of small children of Shaheenbagh, the poison of separatism All the democracies that have been dissolved and the rip-off of the country will be strengthened by forwarding the women. Is this the idea of ​​Rahul Gandhi?

Harsh Mander, who had opposed the CAA, had previously gone to court to save Afzal Kasab. The same Afzal Kasab was accused of being a Hindu by the ISI to kill him.

166 people were killed in 26/11 terror attacks

On 26 November 2008, 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists carried out attacks in Mumbai. 166 people were killed and 300 were injured in them. Some American citizens were also among those who died. In the encounter, the police killed 9 terrorists and arrested Ajmal Kasab. He was hanged in 2012.


>> Former RAW officer R.S.N. Singh’s statement is correct that 26/11 was a complete pre-human attack, if Kasab had not been caught, the Hindu would have been declared a terrorist. 

Three in the thief’s beard. Lies sometimes come on the tongue. This is a statement given by Rahul Gandhi’s Guru Sem Pitroda in the context of seeking evidence on Airstrike a few days ago. He said in his statement that after the 26/11 attack, the government of the time did not airstrike, so now why Pakistan is being maligned because of some people doing airstrike after Pulwama attack.

Due to this planned conspiracy, Digvijay Singh, the second Guru of Rahul Gandhi, released the book which said that the 26/11 Mumbai attack is an RSS conspiracy.

In this sequence, the saffron terror Hindu word was coined during the UPA regime.

In this episode, Rahul Gandhi had given a statement by going to America and said that there is more danger from Lashkar than Hindu terror.

Sadhvi Pragya Bharti was arrested under a conspiracy to prove the same truth.

Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati had to remain in jail for 13 years without any proof.

Even in the Samjhauta Express Blast, innocent Hindu Vibhutiyas were also arrested by the military officer Karanal Purohit.

It is in this context that Priyanka Vadra’s political tour of Ayodhya should also be seen and all nationalist forces need to be vigilant. 


  CAA protests – Congress of Delhi violence linked to Pakistan and Italy via Hrk Mander.

Harsha, who had been opposing the CAA and seeking to make inflammatory speeches and file FIRs on three BJP leaders, had earlier gone to court to save Ajmal Kasab.

>> The CAA’s protest began with the Bharat Bachao rally organized by the Congress at the Ramlila Maidan on 14 December. If there is a discussion about hate speech, then the first hate speech started from there.


Former RAW officer R.S.N. Singh’s statement is correct that 26/11 was a complete pre-human attack, if Kasab had not been caught, the Hindu would have been declared a terrorist. To make it more clear, I think it appropriate. The two Home Ministers were Sushil Shinde and P. Chidambaram under the UPA regime. Both of them spread the lies of Hindu terrorism, saffron terror. In this last, two citizens of Pakistan were arrested by the police. In order to discredit Hindus and appease Pakistan, innocent Karanal Purohit and Pragya Bharti were arrested in jail in the case of Samjhauta Express and Malegaon Last. The UPA regime wanted that Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat ji should also be arrested in this case. I have made it clear in the past by writing an editorial that under a well-planned conspiracy, attempts have also been made by the Congress and the Left parties to discredit the Indian Army.

Swara Bhaskar once again came down in Riya’s bachab, accused of more media trial than Kasab

I don’t think even #Kasab was subjected to the kind of witch-hunt on media.. & media trial that #RheaChakrobarty is being subjected to! Shame on Indian Media.. Shame on us for being a toxic voyueristic public consuming this poisonous hysteria.. #RheaDrugChat #SushantSinghRajput

8:29 AM · Aug 27, 2020

@itsanintrovert wrote in Swara’s style, “Yes, we are ashamed that we live in a society in which people are hesitant to call Kasab a terrorist.”


Shame on us that we live in a society Where there are People who hesitate in terming Kasab as Terrorist.

Twitter handle @prankya wrote, ‘Think, we had lost the base of the case. The country is proud of the media which raised the voice of millions. By exposing the false nature, he exposed the facts hidden in the dark. I don’t know about you, but we are proud of the media because they are exposing some new secret every day. ‘

@ Devansh1012 wrote, ‘Many people including Mahesh Bhatta, Digvijaya Singh inaugurated the book on 26/11 attack. The writers then directly accused the RSS and blamed them for the attack. He did this to save Rahul Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s son) who was involved in the case.

The Twitter handle @ashwinnagar wrote retweeting Swara’s tweet, ‘This is because your anti-India friends wanted to break the RSS by 26/11. They published the book on him. He was caught by Tukaram (Sub-Inspector Tukaram Ombale of Mumbai Police) and Kasab got up from the whole gang.

The voice of Bhasker


·Aug 27, 2020

I don’t think even #Kasab was subjected to the kind of witch-hunt on media.. & media trial that #RheaChakrobarty is being subjected to! Shame on Indian Media.. Shame on us for being a toxic voyueristic public consuming this poisonous hysteria.. #RheaDrugChat #SushantSinghRajput

Mirage – Risk everything, Regret Nothing

@ jacob3290

·The questions asked to Rhea are as “tough” as the ones


 asked to Sonia in the infamous interview about Pasta and Saree.


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