Editorial: From Both Sides The Preparation Of War: Modi Feeds Peacock And Gandhi Family Attack On Congress

26 aug 2020

Family Race: Sonia Gandhi has now made Rahul’s mother president, people are enjoying the fun on social media. Descriptions have also been made separately.

The Sonia Gandhi family and their blind devotees are at war with 23 senior Congress leaders. It has been discussed in the first page of Lokshakti of today and tomorrow.

Fatal ‘Police Bomb’ in Congress: Ahmed Patel said attack on senior leaders.

Dr. Manmohan Singh termed the letter as unfortunate while AK Antony called the letter cruel.

It means that there is a civil war in the Congress party itself. Both factions are preparing for war.


When the faithful Prime Minister of Sanatan Dharma feeds the peacock to the peacock, then its meaning should be taken out. The scriptures say that peacocks are the vehicles of Shivaputra Veer Karthikeya, and Karthikeya is the commander of the gods. Veer Karthikeya is considered the god of war in Sanatan Dharma.

In such an astrological perspective, whenever the peacock is advised to feed the grain, then Kartikeya Swami is pleased to join the war god before any major action. Dev Senapati Mars represents the energy of Kartikeya Swamy. In such an astrological perspective, it is being speculated that feeding the peacock to the peacock is to seek the blessings of Mahadev’s son Kartikeya before any major action. The country is also in the hope that the Prime Minister should be blessed by Lord Karthikeya by feeding the peacock with a grain and soon any good action can benefit the country.

Peacock is the national bird of India. This bird has as much national importance as it is of religious importance as well, according to Hindu mythology, the vehicle of Lord Murugan or Kartikeya is a peacock.

According to one belief, the people of the Yazidi community (Kurdish religion) living in Arabia are Hindus and their deity is Karthikeya who is riding on the Peacock. In India, Kartikeya is worshiped more in South India. Kartikeya is also known as Skanda, the elder son of Shiva.

Karthikeya’s vehicle is Mayur. According to a legend, Lord Vishnu was presented this vehicle to Kartikeya only after seeing his natural ability. The value of a peacock is fickle. The fickle mind is very difficult to practice. Karthikeya kept his mind with him. At the same time, it is told in another legend with Karthikeya as the destroyer of Dambha.

The Kanda Puranam, the Tamil version of ‘Skanda Purana’ written in Sanskrit, mentions that Murugan (Karthikeya), the son of Lord Shiva, defeated the demon Tarak and his two brothers Simhamukham and Surapadman in the Devasur Sangram.

Upon his defeat, Sinhamukham apologizes and Murugan transforms him into a lion and orders him to serve as his mother Durga’s vehicle.

 Kartikeya, the god of war, helped Agastya Rishi in South India. What was the reason that Shiva son Kartikeya left Kailash and moved towards south?



It’s dawn, no noise,

Mana Mor, Bhayo Vibhor,

The color is red, blue brown and black,

Adorable, peacock unique.

There is color, but no passion,

This is the belief of injustice,

Neither wish, nor wow, nor ah,

The anthem still resonates today,

Live with the flute

Go to the crown of Muralidhar.

1:38 PM • 23 Aug? 2020

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Jinnah’s Jinn and Nehru’s ghost rode on the current Congress

Jinnah’s Jinn and Nehru’s ghost rode on the current Congress: 

While stating as the President of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi had said that he has alone contested the RSS and Narendra Modi before and after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He described them as fociists. Told the killer of democracy.

Now 23 Congress leaders who wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi called those leaders as traitors. That is to say anti-party. That is, Jayachand told. The Mahabharata has taken place inside the Congress party on this.

It is said that the organization which Rahul Gandhi is calling fascist, gave birth to the present BJP of Jana Sangh. Now in which party is Familyism and who is the killer of democracy, it can be easily understood.

Dr. Hegdewar Ji was also in the Congress for some years before Independence, but later when he saw that there was no democracy in the Congress, he came out of active politics and started preparing dedicated power for healthy democracy.

I have some personal thoughts. It is possible that they may find distasteful to the opponents of the Sangh or the Sangh. I apologize for this.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is not opposed to Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s name is also reverentially taken along with other great men in the morning’s remembrance of the Union. As a volunteer of the Sangh, I also pay tribute to Gandhiji in the morning. But he does not believe in God.

In the place of a person in the Sangh, only the Bhagwat flag is considered a Guru. The person may have faults but not in God and the saffron flag.

PM Modi ji does not even take the reverential name of Mahatma Gandhi, but the Congress has not done 10 percent of the praise that Mahatma Gandhi has done during his prime ministership.

The title of this editorial is: Jinnah’s Jinn and Nehru’s ghost riding on the present Congress. Prior to the establishment of the Muslim League before independence, the Muslim League was established by the policy of Muslim appeasement. Jinnah, Mo. Iqbal, etc., who founded and nurtured it, belonged to the converted Hindu family. Even today there is no change in this situation.

Mahatma Gandhi was very great. But behind his greatness lies a secret on which doctorates will have to do research.

In 1929 and 1937 and after that in 1949 Mahatma Gandhi staged his veto by strangling democracy to make Pandit Nehru the Congress President. This special will also be done separately in the editorial of Lokshakti.

Nehru’s spirit is still a sneak peek in the Congress, who are blind devotees of the Nehru Gandhi family. How Pandit Nehru became a benefactor of Mahatma Gandhi has also given a special description. 

From this we can understand that Nehru’s ruling family-oriented spirit and Jinnah’s separatist Jinn still dominate the Congress.

The result of the Congress’s policy of Muslim appeasement is that the Muslim League was established and the country was also divided.

With the help of the Muslim League which is still in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi has become an MP from Wayanad.

PM Modi’s mantra against the Congress’s appeasement is everyone’s development, everybody’s trust.

If PM Modi really wants to fulfill his mantra, then he was told by the Turkish President some time ago in the presence of his wife that women are only for having children. Now his partner Zakir Naik has also said that 70 percent of India’s population has now become Muslim. Therefore, soon India will become an Islamic nation.

By understanding all these facts, if everyone’s development and everyone’s faith is the mantra, then why not a uniform civil code?

Why not curb the imbalance in the population? Those with more children, irrespective of their creed or religion, should be curbed.

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