Article :- Treason for Congress is not a crime and now wants the restoration of Article 370 in Kashmir

In the manifesto that the Congress had released at the time of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it had sworn to abolish the sedition law.
The reason for the enmity between Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan was that the Gehlot government had prosecuted Sachin Pilot, who was also the Congress party president of the province and deputy chief minister in the government, under the sedition law. Later he also took it back.
Similarly, under the directive of Sonia Gandhi during the UPA regime, then minister Ambika Soni had given affidavit in the Supreme Court, affidavit that Ram is a myth and not a celebrity.
Later, it was Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who became Janeudhari and Sonia Gandhi was a devotee.
Kamal Nath had just published an advertisement on the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi that Rajiv Gandhi was a devotee and he had unlocked the door of Ramlala.
Many examples can be given in this way, which proves that the way Pakistan signs the treaty is only to forget it.
Pakistan has not been able to get the best of Kashmir, Saudi Arabia has shown strong attitude, where on the other hand all the Muslim countries of the world and their organization OIC have also not opposed the removal of 360.
But the Congress, along with Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia, has been opposing the removal of the 370 section.

Congress wants restoration of Article 370 in Kashmir, P. Chidambaram salutes these 6 parties –
The manifesto that the parties have made for the restoration of Article 370 in Kashmir included the names of Farooq Abdullah of the National Conference, Mehbooba Mufti of PDP, GA Mir of JKPCC, MY Tarigami of CPI-M, Sajjad Gani Lone of JKPC, Muzaffar Shah of JKNC Huh.
Former IAS officer Shah Faisal also surrendered in front of the truth, saying that it may be impossible to return to Kashmir before August 5, advisor to the new LG Manoj Sinha.
But the Congress is that it is still promoting separatism because of its powerlessness.

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