Article Page :- Why is Aamir more dangerous than Zakir Naik?

Actor Aamir Khan is in the news once after meeting the wife of Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Erdoan. The debate has started on social media that Aamir Khan runs his agenda. In view of his earlier statements and work, many types of arguments are being made on social media platforms.
According to the website, Aamir Khan runs an agenda against Hindus. According to the report, actor Aamir Khan claims that his film Dangal became very famous in China. Dabangg film grossed Rs 1500 crores in China while Dangal film grossed 387 crores in India. The blockbuster film Bahubali-2 grossed Rs 1429 crore in India. Aamir Khan claims that he is a secret superstar and his films are highly liked in China. In this way, Aamir Khan is a much bigger superstar in China than India.
The report claimed that Aamir Khan is very smart. He first made patriotic films such as Sarfarosh, Lagaan and Mangal Pandey to attract nationalist Indians and later began to cleverly implement his agendas through films.
Take the example of Rang De Bansati film. Anyone who saw this film started bashing Jordan Fernandes and the BJP over corruption in the defense deal. After this Aamir Khan started implementing his anti-Hindu agenda through Satyamev Jayate series.
The fund collected for the Hrithra through Satyamev Jayate Series was given to Hrithra who works for Muslims.
Aamir then began to pursue his anti-Hindu agenda in his Sobay Satyamev Jayate. Almost all the money raised for the NGO through that series went to their domesticated NGO or anti-India agenda for Muslims.
We Hindus gave money to our own enemies by believing the stories of our sir.
I will give just one example of his anti-Hindu agenda in Satyamev Jayate. He showed Hindus as killers of girls. And then in this episode it showed how Muslims are getting married without dowry and hence they do not kill girls. Will it not boil in the blood of any Hindu women that our parents kill us for dowry while Muslims do not take dowry and therefore their girls are safe? Will this anger not help Muslims in love jihad?
There was not a single episode where Aamir showed social evils in Islamic society. They did not make any link to burqa or triple talaq or polygamy or halala or at least how old girls are sold to teenage girls in mutha vivah (temporary marriage) in Hyderabad. Not a single episode on social evils in his own religion.
Satyamev Jayate was the biggest hit job on India and its culture. He killed everything in India – everyone from doctors to scientists to water from the air. And we clapped for it instead of getting angry at it.
Then came PK, which is the worst hinduphobic film ever made. We Hindus laughed at the jokes made on our own Gods. We shed tears for a Pakistani boy who falls in love with a Hindu girl.
PK became the biggest blockbuster in Indian cinema, while Hindus used to laugh at their own gods.
The report said that after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, Aamir Khan made a controversial statement and said that his wife is scared in India, but the great thing is that Aamir Khan is still earning crores from the Indian audience. Huh. Hindus have failed to understand the hidden agenda of Aamir Khan.
The report said that Aamir Khan has now met the wife of the President of Turkey in a new avatar. Does Aamir Khan want to convey from the meeting that now Turkey is the boss, while Turkey is constantly making rhetoric against India. In such a situation, people should be cautious and should not go to the face value of Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan is more dangerous than all other Muslim stars from Bollywood.

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