Article Page :- RAW of India, Mossad of Israel and SIA of UAE will destroy Turkey

It’s Turkey Hunting Time!
The current state of Turkey is very bad. On the one hand he is being criticized in the Christian world, on the other hand he is facing the wrath of France and Israel due to the infiltration of Greece’s maritime zone in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Along with this, he has had to face the hands of France and UAE on the Libyan front in Africa. But it seems that Turkey’s problems are on the rise now, because of its dogma, we may soon see a strategic partnership emerging between Israel, UAE and India.
According to TFI Post: But Turkey’s problem is with Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean, so what is the work of UAE and India? Actually, Eastern Mediterranean is only a front, in fact, just as China continues to be a threat to South East Asia, South Asia and America, Turkey is a country in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Central Asia and South Asia, especially India. A strong threat to the country is emerging. In such a situation, diplomatic and strategic partnership between Israel, UAE and India may soon be seen.
First of all let’s talk about Israel. Israel had traditionally faced no specific threat from Turkey, but under the leadership of dictator Erdogan, Turkey now appears to be emerging as a bigger threat from Iran. Turkey recently advocated the Al-Aqsa Mosque to be “independent” again like the Hagia Sophia complex. This was not objectionable because Erdogan is building a dream of becoming the second Caliph, but because the Al-Aqsa Mosque was built by demolishing Mount Temple, the holy site of the Jews, and the praise of this mosque is equally indecent in the eyes of the Jews. , As much as the glorification of the Babri Masjid built by demolishing the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya.
In addition, Turkey also opposed the UAE Israeli peace talks held recently by the US. In such a situation, Mossad has taken a front against Turkey, considering Turkey as a bigger threat than Iran. According to The Times article, “Mossad’s officer Cohen believes that Iran is no longer as dangerous as it can be controlled in one way or the other. But Turkey’s diplomacy is different and its stakes are such That it is not easy to get hold of him. By taking advantage of this, he is dominating the Eastern Mediterranean. ” Not only this, proving the futility of Hrnjhra in this article, it was written that Hrnjhrah can no longer solve this problem, because it is no longer there.
Now what is the problem with UAE from Turkey? For this we have to turn to Libya. In the Libyan civil war, while Turkey is supporting the Triathi faction, the Libyan National Army faction is supported by the UAE and France. But this is not limited here. The UAE is part of the group that unanimously considers Saudi Arabia the leader of the Islamic world, while Turkey wants to make itself the new leader of the Islamic world.
In this context, when the world reached a peace agreement with Israel, whether or not there was any provocation, but Turkey suffered the most from this agreement. He also opposed the deal, and accused the UAE of espionage in Turkey. Apart from this, the UAE is also considering to buy their fighter aircraft Sn-35 with the US, which is almost certain to make Turkey come back on the backfoot, and that is why it is more shocked.
In such a situation, the UAE is well aware that Turkey is no longer the same, and if it is mistaken to take it lightly, the UAE may have to suffer a lot in the coming times. That is why the agreement between UAE and Israel has also ensured that both countries can help each other in every way to deal with any crisis in the coming time, whether it is at military level or at diplomatic level, whose expansion This can also be done in the field of intelligence.
Now the threat from Turkey to UAE and Israel is as much from Turkey to India. According to Hindustan Times report, Indian intelligence agencies believe that Turkey has been engaged in provoking Indian Muslims against India for some time. Talking to Hindustan Times, a senior government official said, “For some time now we have found that with the help of Turkey, radical Muslims are engaged in instigating Indian Muslims to promote terrorism.”
The same report further details how Turkey was particularly supportive of promoting separatists in Kashmir, one of its biggest beneficiaries being Kashmir separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani. This proves once again how separatists like Geelani, Mirwaiz Farooq and Abdullah family keep themselves in spite of so many people in the fire of terror.
Apart from this, in the investigation of the riots in Northeast Delhi, it has come out that how Turkey played an important role in providing financial assistance to the rioters. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that apart from China and Pakistan, Turkey is now emerging as a new enemy for India. Since both the UAE and Israel are considered good friends of India, if the three assist each other in the future, one would not be surprised.
The way Turkey has plagued Israel, the UAE and India, in itself Shamat is invited with a musical instrument. People think ten times before encountering Israel, and when it will challenge Turkey with the UAE and India, it will not take long for Turkey to eat.

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