Article :- Hunt Turkey Now, RAW-MOSSAD-SIA VS TURKEY- AAMIR

By Premendra Agrawal

22 Aug 2020
The current situation in Turkey is very bad and it seems that Turkey’s problems are going to increase now, because due to its dogma we may soon see a strategic partnership emerging between Israel, UAE and India.
Now the threat from Turkey to UAE and Israel is as much from Turkey to India. According to Hindustan Times report, Indian intelligence agencies believe that Turkey has been engaged in provoking Indian Muslims against India for some time.
Why Congress and Aamir love Turkey?
But Congress leaders from India and Bollywood like Aamir Khan like Turkey. That is why Rahul Gandhi has opened the office of the Indian Overseas Congress in Turkey. Aamir Khan has also met Turkey’s First Lady in Turkey.
When Turkish President Ardoan visited Pakistan, Imran Khan said that he could win elections in Pakistan and lose Imran Khan. After this, it was also discussed in the media that if Rahul Gandhi too contests elections in Pakistan, he can defeat both Imran Khan and Ardian.
It is worth mentioning here that the President of Turkey said in the presence of his wife, women are the only ones to have children means women are only to born children.
Just like Rahul Gandhi, Aamir Khan also likes Turkey because Turkey and Malaysia and Pakistan are the only countries which are against India even on Kashmir issue. Rahul Gandhi has also raised his Congress against the Government of India on the issue of Congress.
website has told why Aamir is more dangerous than Zakir Naik? The detailed report of this website is separately in this editorial page.

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