Article :- Like the Sushant case, there should be a CBI inquiry into the murder of sadhus in Palghar.

By Premendra Agrawal

21 aug 2020
Like the Sushant case, the demand for a CBI inquiry in the murder of ‘Sadhus’ in Palghar is being raised not only by the revered sages and saints of India, but also from political leaders, the film world.
The Congress party has understood that if politics is to be done in India, Ram’s name will have to be chanted. Perhaps that’s why, on the occasion of the 76th birth anniversary of former PM Rajiv Gandhi, the Madhya Pradesh Congress has issued an advertisement claiming that Rajiv Gandhi had laid the foundation of the Ram temple in Ayodhya and that he conceived the vision of Ram Rajya.
If the above statement of the Congress is not knit in the mouth of Ram, then the Congress should not only support the CBI probe into the killing of the sadhus in Palghar, but take initiative because Deshmukh, the Home Minister of the Aghadi government of Maharashtra, belongs to the Congress party.
Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena has also become the Sonia Army. That is why for them too, Hindutva is now confined to the vote bank just like Congress.
When the issue of construction of Ram temple was going on in the Supreme Court, the Congress never supported it. Not only this, Congress leader Kapil Sibal had said in the court that this matter should be put on hold.
During the UPA rule in the Supreme Court, Christian Ambika Soni had given an affidavit on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi that Ram is a myth, not a historical figure. Even today, a SP leader has added the same tone to the Congress.
Congress has been the policy of appeasement.
BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said that in the Shahbano case, Rajiv Gandhi had changed the decision of the Supreme Court to implement Sharia in India. He also said that Prime Minister Modi had represented the entire nation while laying the foundation of the temple in Ayodhya.
Congress of Vijay Laxmi Pandit also never celebrated the date of birth or death anniversary. But now Congress has remembered him. It is worth mentioning here that Vijayalakshmi Pandit ji not only opposed Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, but also took an active part in the Jai Prakash movement and gave speeches at various places. A meeting was also held at Sapre Shala Maidan in Raipur to protest against his Emergency.
CBI is now investigating Sushant Singh case. The Supreme Court has given an important decision in this case on August 19, after which all kinds of reactions of people are coming out. People say that the truth will now be revealed. Singer Kailash Kher has now given his response after the Sushant Singh Rajput case. But he has raised a very serious matter in his response.
Kailash Kher has said that the CBI should also investigate the brutal murder of saints in Palghar. Kailash Kher has made this demand in response to filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet.
BJP leader Kapil Mishra has also demanded a similar tweet.
Swami Awadheshanand Giri of Juna Arena said that CBI should investigate the killing of sadhus in Palghar like the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

Uddhav Thackeray created Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena as ‘Sonia Sena’

Shiv Sena founder Bala Saheb Thackeray never liked the policies of the Congress and continued to oppose the Congress throughout his life, but his son Uddhav Thackeray has wired his and the party’s principles in the greed for power. The ruling Uddhav Thackeray compromised the principles of his party and made Shiv Sena into ‘Sonia Sena’. People have commented differently on a post paying tribute by Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
People are commenting differently on social media about Shiv Sena’s relationship with Congress. In a post shared on social media, on one side Uddhav Thackeray is paying tribute to Rajiv Gandhi and on the other hand Bala Saheb Thackeray is condemning the Congress.
Let us tell you that in 2019, Shiv Sena contested the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party, but while forming the government, the cheating parties joined the Congress and NCP. After becoming the Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray has made Shiv Sena the Sonia Army under the pressure of coalition. During Balasaheb, Shiv Sena used to raise the voice of protecting the interests of majority Hindus, whether it was the issue of building Ram temple in Ayodhya or the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, but after forming a government with Congress, Shiv Sena gave up its old principles Tilanjali has given.

MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party and Congress performed a public parade of 162 MLAs jointly by the Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress on Monday at Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. .
MLA from Bandra West of Maharashtra, Ashish Shelar said that Aditya Thackeray has taken oath in the name of Sonia Gandhi, it is not Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena.
Mumbai. Maharashtra political utopak is not ending. On Monday, a meeting of Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena MLAs was held at the Mumbai hotel. All the MLAs were paraded in this. At the same time, an oath was made to remain with the party. The BJP became an attacker on swearing in of the three parties. BJP MLA Ashish Shelar has taken a dig at MLA Aditya Thackeray taking oath in the name of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.
He said that Shiv Sena leaders have joined hands with Congress. This shows how hollow their Hindutva is.
BJP MLA also attacked Aditya Thackeray. He said, Aditya Thackeray has taken oath in the name of Sonia Gandhi. It is no longer Shiv Sena of Bala Saheb.

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Check the mob lynching of sadhus in Palghar like the Sushant case: Sage-ascetics

The demand for this also intensified on social media with Peethadheeshwar of Juna Arena. At the same time people started keeping their opinions. Advocate Prashant Patel Umraon wrote, “If you have not forgotten the subject of lynching of sadhus in Palghar, then why are you not raising your voice? Today all of you need support on this subject.”

If you have not forgotten the subject of lynching of sadhus in Palghar, then why are you not raising your voice?
Today all of you need support on this subject.
Patrakesh Patanjali Yogpeeth
The call of millions of sage ascetics and the religious people of the country is that the killing of the monks brutally committed in Patpalghar should be done by a fair investigation! The country wants justice! Patpalghar_saints_co_noy_two

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There was a hearing in the Supreme Court on June 11 on the demand for a CBI inquiry into the killing of the sadhus.

New Delhi: Correspondent.
A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court demanding a CBI inquiry into the lynching case of two sadhus in Palghar. Relatives of the sadhus and sadhus of Juna Akhada have filed this petition in the Supreme Court. A colleague of the lawyer, who is fighting the case of sadhus, has died in a road accident last month.
In the petition filed in the country’s largest court, it has been said that they do not trust the investigation of the Maharashtra government and the police because the needle of suspicion in this case is only on the police. It was further stated in the petition that in such a situation, the police is not expected to conduct a fair investigation. Therefore, investigation should be conducted with CBI. The Supreme Court will hear this petition on Thursday. However, on a similar plea, the Supreme Court had sought a status report from the Maharashtra Police for investigation.
Last week, a new twist in the investigation of Palghar lynching case came when a 32-year-old man allegedly committed suicide in this case. This man was questioned by the CID investigating the incident. Last week on Saturday evening, the dead body of this young man was found hanging from a tree. In the Palghar Litching case, in mid-May last month, a colleague of a lawyer, who is fighting the case of sadhus, died in a road accident. The name of the deceased is Digvijay Trivedi. The accident happened on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway on Wednesday, when Digvijay Trivedi was going towards the court in his car. Even after the death in the accident, questions were raised at the political level.
The incident took place in April when the country was in the initial phase of lockdown due to corona and two sadhus and their driver were murdered by a mob in a village some distance away from Palghar. On the night of 16-17 April, when these two sadhus were passing through the village with their driver, people suspected the thieves to come. And then the crowd beaten up and killed these sadhus. The sadhus, who were among the crowd, belonged to the Hanuman temple in Jogeshwari east of Mumbai. These sadhus were going from Mumbai to Surat for the funeral of their guru, but due to the lockdown, the police stopped them from going on the highway. The sadhus in the car then turned towards the countryside, where the mob fell victim to lynching.
During this, the policemen stood there and watched the spectacle. After the negligence of the policemen came to light, the administration took action and suspended many policemen. 100 people were arrested after the Palghar violence caught political scale. 9 minors were also among those arrested. The opposition had continuously pressurized the Maharashtra government for this violence. Meanwhile, one of the accused involved in the Palghar violence was found infected with the Corona virus. The other accused in the cell in which the accused was detained ……

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary on jobs, people cheered

Rahul Gandhi said, blow away my joke, just wait for seven months!
Rahul Gandhi said that I had said that the negligence on Corona could be overwhelming, but I was ridiculed. He said that I am again saying that the country will not be able to give employment to the youth, you also make fun of me on this matter. But this time too, what I am saying is going to be proved right, if you do not trust my point, then you wait for seven months, everything will be revealed.
Whenever Congress leader Rahul Gandhi opens his mouth, he speaks something against the Modi government. Rahul tweeted a tweet in which he targeted the Modi government for ending jobs in the Corona era. While the truth is that during the Corona era itself, the Modi government has taken many steps to increase self-employment opportunities to strengthen the economy. And the result of those same steps is that while the record FDI has come to India during this period, there has also been a rise in jobs. Questions were being raised on their governments running in Delhi.
Neha Chaudhary

The Congress is the government in 6 states of India. AAP promised employment and government jobs.
Rajasthan: Promise to open mobile unit in every district
Punjab: Promise youth to get rid of intoxication and employment
Chhattisgarh.Naxal free state promises to provide employment
Jharkhand. Employment in tribal area

Saying all this does not get power. The times have changed. The public likes those who leave the cry of the problem and work with cooperation and support from the government to overcome the problem. Not from Sonu Sood, right from Modi Learn something, his financial condition is zero in front of you and he becomes a hero at work.
Neha Chaudhary

Rahul Gandhi
Your sister and Congress leader are doing the work of spreading fake news on Facebook and social media.

Priyanka Vadra misleads people by calling Bangladesh photo as Assam flood
Jeetu Patwari mislead people by revealing photos of American aircraft to Modi’s plane

Congress rudely sabotaged Parliament’s dignity
Identification of foolish Congress brokers: –
Wink in the holy parliament
But Corona’s healing bridge deteriorates
Baba who loses his eyes, has a cure for this … but the poor person is not able to see Pogo yet Baby … I have to come later .. ??????
Let us tell you that due to the efforts of Modi government, the economy of the country remains strong even during the Corona crisis and jobs are also being created. Know how-
Russian Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will give employment to eight and a half crore youth
65 percent of India’s population is below 35 years of age and the Modi government is constantly striving to make the youth self-reliant. In the coming years, 8.65 crore jobs will be created under the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and Russia. At the Swavalamban e-Summit 2020, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that our Russia sector has a huge contribution in the development of our country, 30% of the growth rate is coming from Russia, 48% of our exports are from Russia and so far we have Has created 11 crore jobs. He further said that my belief and idea is that we should increase it at least 30 percent to 50 percent, 48 percent to 60 percent of exports and create 5 crore new jobs in the coming 5 years. Meanwhile, Union Housing and Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that the construction of houses in the country under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) will provide about 3.65 crore jobs. So far, under the scheme, people have got 1.65 crore jobs. Puri said in the CII webinar that the ministry has approved construction of 1.07 crore houses.
Modi government committed to employing youth

  • Preparing to create five crore jobs in Russia sector
    -The contribution of our Russian sector in the development of the country
    3.65 crore jobs to be provided under PM Housing Scheme
  • 1.65 crore people got jobs under the scheme
    Delivery of 35 lakh houses has been done under the scheme

Modi government gives approval to national recruitment agency, now only one exam will have to be given for government job
Taking a historic step, the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the formation of National Recruitment Agency (NRA) for Central Government jobs. Right now candidates have to appear in the examinations conducted by different recruitment agencies for government jobs. Candidates have to pay different fees for this and have to travel long distances to participate in these exams. On an average, 25 million to 3 crore candidates appear in these examinations.

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