Congress shocked by Supreme Court order on PM carefund PMNRF of Nehru vs PM Cares Fund

By Premendra Agrawal

19 aug 2020

Many donors have donated crores of rupees in PM Kearsfund.such as Ratan Tata and his company have given Rs 1500 crores. In contrast, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have not given even a single penny to the PM Cares Fund. Despite this, from time to time, they have objected to the PM Cares Fund, raising questions.
There is a difference between the PM Cares Fund and Nehru’s PMNRF, that is, the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. This is discussed separately in this editorial page. Arrangement to always keep the Congress President in the management committee of PMNRF
The Center for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) NGO, through Advocate Prashant Bhushan, had put the petition in this case on the instigation of the Congress party. CPIL said, “The Government has ignored the Disaster Management Act by creating PM Cares Fund. For disaster management, the amount donated from any individual or institution should be in the account of National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). Whatever amount has been received in PM Cares Fund, it should be transferred to NDRF itself. A new plan should be notified under the Disaster Management Act to deal with Corona.
The Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi have got a tough slap from the Supreme Court on the issue of PM Cares Fund. A 3-judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan, said in its judgment on Tuesday, “PM Cares cannot order transfer of funds from the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). These two are separate funds. If a person wants to contribute to the NDRF, it is not banned. There is also no need for a new disaster relief plan.

Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking transfer of PM Cares fund to NDRF

The petition was filed by senior advocate Prashant Bhushan on behalf of the Congress on behalf of the Center for Public Interest Litigation NGO.
The petition sought transfer of PM Cares fund to NDRF. It was also stated in the petition that there was no need for such funds and the funds received in the fund are not being audited. In response, the central government said that during the Corona crisis the PM Cares Fund has been created for voluntary donations. This is different from a fund like NDRF.
What is PM Cares Fund
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created a PM-Cares fund to deal with the corona virus crisis. This fund has been created to deal with any emergency such as Corona and to provide immediate relief to the people affected by it. Creation of this fund was considered necessary for the construction of infrastructure with financial help to the affected people during the time of crisis or disaster. The Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Trust and its members include Defense Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister. The registration of PM Cares Fund has been registered as a Public Charitable Trust under the Registration Act, 1908 on March 27, 2020. The PM Cares Fund is headquartered at the Prime Minister’s Office in South Block.
Audited by independent auditors
The PM Cares Fund will be audited by an independent auditor. In a meeting of the trustees of the PM Cares Fund held on 23 April 2020, New Delhi has been appointed as the auditor of the PM Cares Fund for the next three years. The PM Cares Fund will be audited at the end of every financial year.
Income tax exemption on donations – You will also get income tax exemption on donations in PM-Cares fund. Citizens and organizations can donate to ‘PM Cares Fund’ by visiting the website and using the following details.

Facebook controversy: Congress writes letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Rahul Gandhi appeals to his countrymen

public will beat PM Modi with sticks Ó, what is not Rahul’s statement? The BJP and the Congress party have come face to face with the BJP questioning the Congress. Both of them accused each other fiercely. Meanwhile, Congress sent an email to Mark Zuckerberg, the head of the social networking company, in the backdrop of the Facebook controversy, urging him to conduct a high-level inquiry into the entire matter from Facebook headquarters until the investigation is complete. The responsibility of running its Indian branch should be entrusted to the new team so that the investigation process is not affected.
Now, targeting the Congress, the BJP has made serious allegations against Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, in the past, Sonia Gandhi had said that this is a cross-fight and Rahul Gandhi said that “the public will beat PM Modi with sticks”, is it not vulgar language?

Facebook responded sharply to the allegations of Congress
Facebook India’s public policy director Ankhi Das threatened, FIR registered

Social networking site Facebook has responded sharply to the Congress’ allegations, with a Facebook spokesperson saying the company prohibits hate speech and any speech and content that promotes violence. He said that we implement our policies globally. During this time the political status and affiliation of any party is not taken into consideration. We conduct regular audits to ensure fairness and accuracy.

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